Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Wiggly Lil' Lady & Other Random News

It is really hard to balance a laptop on your belly when your baby is constantly kicking and wiggling. I love her squirminess though. I hope it means that she's just as ready to make her appearance as I am ready to meet her and hold her in my arms! I am 37 weeks 1 day today and am so ready to have my little girl with me! I packed our hospital bags yesterday and we had our weekly appointment yesterday. The CNM {certified nurse midwife} surprised us with a quick ultrasound to double check that our little lady is head down. {She is! And has been since around 28 weeks} It was a 3D ultrasound and although we didn't get any good pictures we did get to see our little girl wiggling and opening and closing her little mouth. She had her little fist up by her mouth and she kicked the ultrasound thing while they were moving it around on my belly. It was AMAZING! And she already looks like she has cute chunky cheeks and possibly some adorably huge lips! It was the coolest ultrasound we have had! It just made me even more excited to meet her. As hard as I try to convince myself that there is a very high likelihood that she will be late I just can't  help but want her to come now! I guess we'll just wait and see what she/my body decides! So there's a quick update. In other news I am spending lots of time in the swimming pool and hanging out with my family and sisters-in-law. Race has started his new job {out of training} and works three twelve hour days and then has four days off. It's an interesting schedule but one that we're hoping will allow him to have the time to find a different job in possibly a different place that he would enjoy more. {If you hear of anything send us an email! He's willing to do just about anything that would support our little growing family. And we are willing and would love to move just about anywhere! emsmilesss {at} gmail {dot} com} Anyway, that's life lately. Surviving the summer, trying to survive the end of pregnancy, figuring out new jobs and schedules, hanging out with family, and constantly trying to figure out where we will be headed next! I hope everyone is having a happy Thursday and I'll leave you with a picture of le perfectly round bump {This picture cracks me up}.

Maternity tank top: Target $6 
Cardigan: Old Navy $5
Belt: Came with some other shirt
Skirt: Made by me ~$5

Oh, and how awesome is Fry's? Thank you for not making me walk as far in this ridiculous heat with my ridiculously huge belly! 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dressing 'Le Bump {#7}' & An Update

First off, here's a quick update on life lately! Race is mostly enjoying his job but still is planning on looking for something else now that he is out of training and has a little bit more time to do so. We are still in limbo somewhat and not sure where we'll end up long term. Any job ideas/suggestions are much appreciated! :] I am 36 weeks and 5 days pregnant today and so far I'm not going completely crazy! I am getting more uncomfortable everyday and I am definitely not enjoying the heat but I am super grateful to have a pool in the backyard, a cute swimsuit, lots of sunscreen, and air conditioning in the house! I am surviving and am so ready to meet my little girl! Only about three and a half weeks to go! There is still a lot that we need to get done before she comes but I am still not really stressing about things too much. Thank goodness! I am enjoying time with my family and with Race before our little one joins us and we are getting Bahama Bucks lots! Life is good. 

Second, does anyone have any ideas on the best websites to use to make a cute book out of all of my bump pictures?! I was going to make one on Prinstagram but you can't choose the order of your photos and that's kinda important to me considering what the photos are of! Anyway, I don't want the book to be too big because then the pictures will end up grainier than I would like. So, any ideas?? Also, I am working on making a baby brag book for my mom that will have pictures of all her grandchildren and was wondering if anyone knows a good place to make that. I want something sturdy so she can throw it in her purse and not have to worry about it falling apart. And it needs to be relatively small so that it isn't taking up all the space in her purse. Anyway, any ideas/suggestions would be very appreciated!! :]

And now for some bump photos!!!

Lace Shirt- Forever21 sister's 
Cardigan- Target $5 
Skirt- DownEast Basics $18 
Shoes- Target $10

Shirt- Charlotte Russe $5 
Pants- Shade Maternity $18

Shirt- Shade Maternity $8ish
Dress made into skirt- Ross $8

I am honestly super surprised that I ever get dressed these days. Most outfits really only last me a couple of hours {while I get things done} and then I come home and either live in my underwear {in my room} or sweats and a t-shirt. So many t-shirts barely even cover my belly anymore! I just need to last for a few more weeks though! I can't wait to meet my little girl! :]

Happy Monday everyone!