Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mother of Two.

This whole mom of two thing was really easy for the first month. I had my brother and my mom here helping out so Holland was entertained and we just all soaked in that wonderful new baby smell and enjoyed lots of snuggles with almost no stress. (Thank you Mom and Solomon!!)

Then they left and the past couple of weeks have been hard. I lose my temper with Holland much more often than I would like to admit, the house is a mess, the laundry is never done, I do a pretty awful job feeding the four of us (Well, three of us, Irelyn is packing on the pounds!), and I am beyond exhausted (possibly from low iron) even though Irelyn really sleeps quite well. 

But, despite all of that (and more) I still feel so blessed. Irelyn is so mellow and sweet. She rarely cries, just grunts to let us know that she needs something. It's adorable. And Holland is the sweetest big sister. She's still figuring out how to be soft and not to yell in Irelyn's face but she adores her "baby sisser Ire-win". Holland has also been so funny and sweet lately. Whenever she is being her sassy almost-two-year-old self and she knows she is about to get in trouble she'll hold my face and say something adorable like "You're so pwetty (or sweet or wonderful or boo-tiful) mama." And then she doesn't get in trouble because well, how could I be angry at that? Or the other day when I was exhausted and frustrated at the poopy mess on my bedroom floor and two crying babies and Holland dumping cups full of water out of the bath and I was just crying and nursing Irelyn she wrapped her arms around my neck and told me "It's okay mama. It's okay." I actually took a picture of that moment because I wanted to remember that even on those really hard days there are still things to be grateful for. 

So basically, being a mom of two is something I'm still adjusting to and I'm sure I will be for a while longer. But, I do love my girls and Race so much and am so grateful to have them as my family forever. 

And now to keep things real--here's the picture from the day I was crying and Holland was comforting me. I love her so much.