about race

Race is my husband and the "r" in R and E Ashby.

Race is the fourth of five kids. He has two brothers and two sisters. Race would do absolutely anything for his family and when we met I moved straight to the top of the list of people he would do anything for. :] Race has 11 nieces and nephews that I inherited when we got married! He served his mission in Chicago, Illinois Spanish speaking. And he is married to me and we love being weird together!

My turn. Hi! Race here. I just noticed how the about race page was years out of date, and I thought it would be nice to set the record straight. That rhymed- unintentional.

For now, I'll just paste the little blurb from my company's website about me:

"Race is nothing if not well-rounded. "Don't knock it 'till you've tried it" was a motto he took to heart early in life. In fact it was only after memorizing an entire Kenny Chesney album that he announced his passionate distaste for country music, and sexy tractors. It comes as no surprise then that Race thrives in the world of Outreach, where he can pour his ceaseless creativity into ever-evolving strategies, all of which Race is willing to try with an open and enthusiastic mind."

"Race graduated from NAU with a degree in International Relations. His passions include trying new things, spending time with his wife and daughter, quoting disney movie lines, and pursuing a decade-long search for the world's finest fish tacos."