Monday, October 31, 2011

FHE Halloween Style {Third Time's a Charm!}

Below are pictures of our pumpkin carving escapades from last week! We had some friends over and had a little "competition" carving pumpkins. It wasn't really a competition since no one judged the pumpkins but it was fun! :] Tonight we are just hanging out on our own, handing out candy, and watching some Halloween-ish movies. It's been a good day! Happy Halloween everyone! 

1. Don't forget to enter the My Memories Giveaway here.
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3. Head on over to Kylie's blog to read about the awesome Halloween party we went to on Saturday. {See picture below}
4. Head over to Ali's blog to enter her birthday giveaways!! {Check out the one I did!}

Race and I dressed up 50s style. I mostly did it because I was bored and wanted to experiment some with my hair and makeup. It was fun. :] One of these days I'm going to try some pin curls!! {I need to stock up on bobby pins first}

I hope you have all been having a WONDERFUL Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thoughts About a Friend.

Some Thoughts from my Oh, Life Journal Entry on Thursday: 

I found out a couple of days ago that a good friend of mine committed suicide. He was dealing with depression and anxiety. I can't even imagine what he was going through. 

I met him my sophomore year in an anthropology class together. I NEVER make friends at school. I'm too quiet. Mark wasn't like that. He was an outgoing, funny, smart and tall redhead. I remember saying something about being Mormon or about my religion and he replied with a snarky comment. And then he apologized for being snarky. I didn't even know what that word meant but I got the gist of it. {I may have had to actually look it up later} Every time I hear the word snarky I think of him. I just thought of it the other day. It's a part of my vocabulary now. Thank you Mark. 

Mark was my one friend who I was brave enough to share the gospel with. He was my one friend who was open enough to listen. He even took a few of the discussions. I loved going to the discussions with him. He had such insightful questions to ask. I remember the first time he told me that he finally understood what Mormons meant when they said they felt "warm fuzzies" He made me look at my beliefs in a different way. He helped my testimony to grow. He read some of the Book of Mormon. He prayed. He said the best prayers. They weren't anything like how I pray. He talked to God like they were best friends. I loved that. I must admit that I laughed a little when I heard him pray for the first time because it was so different. But why don't we talk to God like he's our best friend? He is. He knows us better than anyone else. He sent His Son to die for our sins so that we could be with Him again. I hope that Mark always talked to God like that. I know that God was there with him during his hard times. I hope that he can hear the message of the gospel again. 

Mark and I talked about all kind of things. Religion, relationships, politics, and lots other stuff. We would go get Einstein's Bagels or hot chocolate and chat for hours. We weren't friends for long but he was definitely someone who impacted my life for good. Thank you Mark Wooldridge for the wonderful life that you lived. Thanks for your example and for making me smile! You and your family will be in my prayers.

It is really hard losing a friend but I am so grateful for the Plan of Happiness. God seriously planned everything out so well. It amazes me. This is the first time I have lost someone close to me and it is not easy but it does make me very grateful to have a testimony of God's plan for me and for everyone on this earth. Mark, you are still strengthening my testimony. Thank you. 

Mark and I at a YSA dance. November 2009:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Memories Awesomeness+A Giveaway!!

I have had the wonderful opportunity of reviewing My Memories Suite {v.2} this past week and I am in love! I did not know that I could be in love with a computer program {I am NOT computer saavy} but My Memories Suite is so much fun to use! I'm sure this is partly because I got to make pretty pages with wedding photos on them but mostly it's because digital scrapbooking is a blast! I think all scrapbooking is fun but I recently gave away most of my scrapbooking supplies because I was never using them. I didn't like how much space they were taking up in my home and I never got it all out because I didn't want to deal with the mess. I kept a couple of things to make cards and stuff but using My Memories Suite I'm not sure I'll even be using those supplies! Although My Memories Suite is technically for making books I thought it would be great to use for Christmas cards, Thank You cards, Invitations, etc. It is going to be the most used program on my computer pretty soon! 

These first two pictures will be in my first ever My Memories Suite digital scrapbook about my wedding!

This last picture is an idea I'm thinking of using for our Christmas cards this year. What do you think?
I'm in love with it! There are so many colors, backgrounds, fonts, etc. to pick from in the My Memories Suite and then there are even more you can purchase on the website!

{Photo by Busy Bee Lauren}

This last one is something I made that I plan on printing and framing. 
I am going to have a blast making things like this for my home because I can't afford to buy prints all the time but I do need to decorate my home! And this was super easy to make and it turned out pretty cute! {Now I just need to find cute quotes to put around my home!}

I think that everyone should have some kind of digital scrapbooking software! I am in love with mine so I want to share the wealth with all of you!

First off,  I would like to share with you all a coupon code worth $20! Did you hear that right? $20!!! The coupon code works towards $10 off of your My Memories Suite Scrapbook software and then another $10 off of anything else in the MyMemories store! Shop away! {Coupon Code: STMMMS77047}

Secondly, I have a giveaway for you! I will be giving away one My Memories Suite {version 2} digital scrapbooking software package! Who's excited?! I am excited for you--So you had better be excited! :]

Here's what you can do to win this wonderful software!

First Entry:
Be a follower of Race & Emma via GFC
Head over to My Memories and tell me what your favorite Digital Scrapbooking kit is.

Additional Entries:
Find me a good quote to post around my house using the software!
Follow the My Memories blog.
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Visit Autumn's blog to enter the same giveaway!

Enter away! And head on over to My Memories to see what all you can do with this wonderful software! This video is also super helpful and provides you with TONS of ideas on what all you can do with the software so check it out! {The giveaway will close on Tuesday, November 1st}

P.S. I have an outfit post over here! Check it out! 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Should Be Getting Ready for Class

I should be out of bed and getting dressed but I'm not. What is it about the rain & thunder that makes getting out of bed so much work? I'm not really sure. I like it though. And I think I'll have hot chocolate for breakfast. Mmm. Today is going to be a good day! I'm over at Thrifty {Modest} Threads today with an outfit post. You should check it out!

Well, I'm headed out the door now with my rainboots, a cute hat made by my sister-in-law and some yummy hot chocolate! I'm so ready to face the day! {And the rain!} I'll be back later with answers to the questions you all asked me in this post! If you thought of any more ask away right now! :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

I mentioned in this post that the weekend was really long and exhausting. And it was! Thank goodness it wasn't long and exhausting because of homework and studying though! {In case anyone is wondering: I have two of four midterms done. I've finished the two  hardest ones. Thank goodness!} This weekend was spent staying up late with Race's family on Friday night. We hung out, talked, ate yummy food, and I got to play with cute baby Madison. It was a blast!

Saturday morning I headed out the door at 10 am to head down to the valley to help my sister get ready for Homecoming. Right when I got there we headed out the door to go shoe and jewelry shopping for the next FOUR HOURS! Luckily, we stopped and ate some Rubio's. I LOVE Rubio's. Then we headed home and started getting Helena all ready for the dance. We started with her nails, then I did her make-up and then her hair. Thank goodness a couple of my sisters-in-law were over to help me out and tell me if things looked awful because I have NEVER done make-up on anyone before. I haven't even done it on myself. So I really hope that Helena liked all of  it. I think that she looked absolutely gorgeous and I was so glad to be there for her. Especially since my mom was out of town. At 5:30 Helena headed off to the dance with her date. They looked so cute together and he was SO NERVOUS! It reminded me of going to dances soooo long ago. ;] After sending the cute couple off to the dance I hung out with my family for a little bit, took a nap, and then drove back up to Flagstaff while listening to General Conference talks {See last post}. It was a really long, really good day.

Sunday was spent going to Sacrament Meeting which was...interesting. We had a man there wearing an American flag church shirt and just doing things a little bit out of the normal. Like singing loudly and changing the words some. And when Race went to the bathroom the man was in there talking {once again very loudly} all about how America has lost its values and stuff like that. It was weird to say the least. Another funny story from Sacrament Meeting: I asked Race to grab the hymnbook that was under his seat so he reached down to grab it and smacked his head on the chair in front of him. So he gave up on that. So I decided that I would grab it for him and then I smacked my head! It was super funny! So we laughed through the whole first hymn. Luckily, someone handed us a book so that we could at least attempt to sing along. Haha.

After Sacrament Meeting we headed home because Race was {and still is :( } feeling sick. We took a nice long nap together and then hung out with family for the rest of the evening. And once again had some delicious food {made by my sister-in-law Teal}. It was the perfect Sunday and it was relaxing which was just what I needed after Saturday. After our family left we watched some of The Cosby Show and then headed to bed.

This morning I woke up refreshed and super happy. I read my scriptures {It's my goal to read my scriptures every day}, cuddled with Race, looked for my keys, said a prayer, found my keys literally thirty seconds later {in a super weird place}, and then got dressed up all cute for class, and headed out the door. Now I'm at work taking on some extra hours and enjoying my day. Later we are going to carve pumpkins {hopefully with some friends} and then we'll be continuing on with the rest of this hopefully-not-too-long-and-exhausting week.



Playing with dry ice!

Mmm. Fall is just gorgeous!

Last night we carved pumpkins with some friends! So I'll post about that soon! We kinda made it a competition but didn't have judges so maybe I'll have you all judge the pumpkins for us! Good idea, eh?

Now tell me about your weekend! What did you do? Anything to cross off of your fall bucket list?

Have a GREAT week everyone! :]

Monday, October 24, 2011

General Conference {Just a Bit Late}

This weekend was wonderful. And really long and exhausting. More on the weekend later though! While I was driving back to Flagstaff yesterday {after driving down to the valley in the morning to help my sister get ready for her Homecoming dance!} I listened to the afternoon session of October General Conference. {The drive is just about two hours and so is a session of General Conference--PERFECT!} I got to hear apostles speak the word of God. It was inspiring and relaxing and didn't put me to sleep {honestly, I was a little bit afraid that it might make me tired rather than keeping me awake}! I loved how many things applied to me personally. I am almost itching to go for another two hour drive just so that I can listen to another session of General Conference {I would listen to it at home but I usually end up falling asleep}.

Here are some things that I was impressed to do from the Saturday afternoon session: 

  • Manage my time better. {Prioritize, 
  • Use social media things for good {My blog} 
  • Pray about mine and Race's future.  {Children, jobs, where to live, etc.}
  • Learn more about the Atonement and apply it to my life.

There are so many other things that I learned and felt. Now I just need to set some goals pertaining to all of these impressions! 

I love General Conference and I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These things bring me joy. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

FHE Halloween Style {Again}

Monday night Race and I went to Flagstaff's lame version of a pumpkin patch and bought our pumpkins! We haven't carved them yet because we have family coming into town this weekend and we're all going to carve pumpkins together. But it was a fun date to go and pick them out! :)

{Mine is the tall one. Race's is the short, fat one}

Other than our fun date night this week has included lots and lots of studying, lots of working, and lots of stressing. Thank goodness that midterms are almost over!! Life will be back to normal again!

Oh yeah, Race and I have a Halloween party to go to next weekend. Any ideas on what we should be?! We need help!!

And one more thing! Go check out Thrifty {Modest} Threads where my sister-in-law posted a cute, easy way to fancy up a plain shirt! And tomorrow I'll have an outfit post up with pictures by my good friend Kylie! Have a wonderful dag everyone!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Quick Update. Stressful Week. Still Happy.

I spent the weekend at my home again. I got to go to my sister-in-law's baby shower. She had it after she had cute baby Edmond {from this post} so that the attention wouldn't be entirely on her. Smart idea, eh? I think I might have to do that as well whenever I have a baby. The weekend was wonderful although Race wasn't with me so I was missing him big time. He was at home getting lots of rest and studying and relaxing. I must admit staying home is much more relaxing than driving and hanging out with babies and helping with baby showers all weekend. I was exhausted! But it was definitely lots of fun hanging out with my adorable nephews.

I signed up for Oh, Life last week. It's this thing that emails you and you reply with a short little journal entry of the day. I LOVE it. I haven't been very good at keeping a journal but this has really helped me to write at least a little something about every day. And you can go look at all your old entries. I always check my email before I go to bed so it works perfectly for me! You should all check it out and sign up!

Anyway, that was pretty much my weekend. I'm back home now with three midterms this week. Definitely not excited for that. In fact, this morning I woke up feeling pretty sick to my stomach because of it. The only thing that calmed me down were cuddles with Race and a prayer.

Before I go I'll leave you with some pictures. And before you go you should head on over to this post and ask me some questions!! :] Then head on over to this blog and look at some fun crafty ideas, cute outfits, etc! Have a wonderful day!!

Me and the only two of my siblings who are still shorter than me! {They are the two youngest. And they are both so close to passing me up in height!}

Jude Boy. :]

Sweet baby Edmond sleeping. Look at those perfect lips! 

More of baby Edmond. 

{Sadly I didn't get pictures of the twins. :[ They are so stinkin' cute though and rolling around like crazy!}

These are my adorable shoes that I got from my sister-in-law a while back. They were missing buttons though so I added some. They're not my favorite buttons but they were the only two I could find with matches! Haha. And I LOVE the color of the shoes so I had to wear them!

Well, that's all for now! Don't forget to ask me some questions! Here or on the other post. :] I can't wait to answer your questions! So far I only have a couple and I'd love to answer some more! Have a wonderful week everyone!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pizza Party Picnic + Q&A

First things first, you all should go check out my new blog with my sisters-in-law! There's some fun stuff there and I've put an outfit post up on there with another one coming up tomorrow! So check it out and leave some lovin'! Eh?

Now for some fun stuff! :] Race and I clean a couple of schools to make some extra money. I hate it. But it is nice to spend time together catching up on each others' days as we drive to and from the schools we clean. Yesterday we got to the first school we clean and lo and behold it was SPOTLESS! We're pretty sure the kids must have had a field trip or something. It was super exciting but we were unable to head to our next school because the kids there do not go home until later. Lucky for us there is a Little Caesar's Pizza right in between the two.

We stopped and grabbed a $5 pizza and some breadsticks, opened up the back of the truck and enjoyed some pizza and good weather. It was the perfect little impromptu date and made cleaning our next school not so bad. Also, the weather here is PERFECT right now and the leaves are changing colors so even though we were in a not so pretty parking lot it was still fun to enjoy some of God's beautiful creations!

Now, do you all remember this post where I asked you all to tell me a little bit about yourselves? Well, first off, if you never did that then you totally should because I'd love to learn more all about you! Second, I thought that I would answer all of the questions that I asked you and then see if you have any more questions for me!! I would love to answer ANY and ALL questions that you have!

1. What is your blog all about? Well, I would hope that you would all know this since you read my blog. But, it's all about Race and I and our random little adventures together. I also like to do the occasional outfit post {which will probably be moving to Thrifty {Modest} Threads} and I would eventually like to put some tutorials and recipes on here. I do have one tutorial/recipe that you should all check out!
2. Where are you from? I am from Chandler, AZ and I lived in Redmond, OR until I was eight. {I just went back to visit Oregon this summer and it was WONDERFUL!}
3. What are you? {Student, wife, engineer,hairdresser, fashionista, mother, all of the above?} I am a student and a wife. I hope to someday be a mother. :)
4. What's a funny story that your family always tells about you? When I was about four I went on a roadtrip with my neighbors. On the way we stopped at a gas station and got to pick out a treat to eat. I picked some pixie sticks. I was only allowed to have one at a time but in between having one I asked if I could have one. I said, "Can I have a pissie stick please?" They thought that it was so funny that they just kept asking me what I wanted and I kept saying "Can I have a pissie stick please?!" So, I said awkward things when I was little. Haha. And it amused all of the older people around. :]
5. Anything else you want to share with {Race & Emma} readers! Anything else I want to share...hmmm. I am not really sure. I guess that I'm super sorry I have been slacking big time on the posting since October started! It has been CRAZY around here. I just need to get through midterms this next week and then I will be good. Wish me luck!!

Now, what OTHER questions do you all have for me? I would love for you all to get to know me better so ask ANYTHING!! And I will answer them all in about a week. You can either ask in the comments or you can email me at emsmilesss {at} gmail {dot} com and I will reply to you  {as long as you have your email unblocked}. I can't wait to hear what you all are wondering! :] Have a wonderful rest of your weekend! {I'm spending mine with all my cute nephews again!}

Monday, October 10, 2011

My Kind of Research

I'm researching the myth that "Old Age is Typically Associated with Increased Dissatisfaction and Senility" for one of my Psychology classes. I have to do a 30 minute presentation on it in class. I will be showing some of the funny YouTube videos I have found on the topic. So I thought I'd share them with you all as well! Enjoy!!

Watch the last couple in this video.

If you know of any funny movie clips with old people in them send 'em on over! :]

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Phone Photos Episode Four

Sneak peek of an outfit post that is up on Thrifty {Modest} Threads. Check it out!

Snow/hail in Flagstaff, AZ on October 7, 2011

Socks with flats. {They have snowflakes on them in case you can't tell.} Tacky--maybe. Warm--definitely!

Funny towel ears. {Check out this post by Kaycie of Redhead Memories to learn how to wear your towel like this and not damage your hair! You also get to look like a Babushka!}

My adorable shoes that I had forgotten about {Target clearance from forever ago}. Plus some cute floral.

My super cute husband on his way to class. I always scare him as he messes with his phone walking down the hill from our apartment and then I make him stop and give me hugs and kisses and let me take his picture. Haha. He still smiles for the pictures. Thank goodness! :]

My cute little sisters. Although pretty soon they will both be taller than me. Helena {the one in the adorable maxi skirt} already his and Gelsey is about the same height that I was when I was in sixth grade and she's in third grade. So it won't be long. {So far only two of my siblings have NOT surpassed me in height. That's out of eleven of us and I am the fourth oldest!}

A bow that I did in my friend's SUPER thick hair. It lasted about two seconds because I didn't have any good bobby pins. Next time time. :] I do love playing with people's hair though!! 

My adorable lil neighbor in the valley/my fourth cousin once removed or something like that. This picture is super old but I love this little girl and her chunky sad face. Haha.

The triplets I used to watch on their second birthday. {I hung out with one of the other nannies that I worked with today and got to see pictures and videos of them now. They are so grown up and  I miss them like CRAZY!}

My Halloween costume from a couple of years ago. Does anyone know what it's from because no one did when I was wearing it and it was kind of embarrassing. Haha. {This was not my whole costume just the helmet part that I made with the help of my sister-in-law and sister}.
Oh, and I need help figuring out costume ideas for Race and I. So you all should help and throw some ideas out in your comments, eh?

A scarf made into earwarmers/a bow. How cool is that?! Does anyone else think this is cute?
Because I totally did and everyone laughed at me.
But if I actually made this it's something I would seriously wear.
Am I weird?

Well, that's all for now! Have a lovely week everyone and tell me a little somethin' about your weekend! :]

P.S. Check out this post  if you're interested in swap sponsoring.
Check out my new blog about all things crafty, cute, and cheap here.
And check out my soon-to-be three lovely swap sponsors here, here, and here.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kisses with Race

I asked Race what I should title my blog post and he said "Kisses with Race" and then kissed me. I couldn't think of anything better so that's what it is! :] Silly boy!

Anyway, there is so much that I need to catch up on! I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. Oh well! First things first, the first post EVER is up on the blog I'm doing with my sisters-in-law that I told you all about in this post. So you should all go check it out! It's called Thrifty {Modest} Threads and the first post ever is by my sister-in-law Nikki and it's just a little introduction to what the blog will be all about! And she already told me that she has lots of ideas to put up on there so those will be coming soon along with other things by me and my other sister-in-law Jackie {the one who thought up this whole blog!}. So, get excited and go check it out!

In other news I won my first giveaway ever!! It was over at The Honeypie Archives and the giveaway was some super cute stuff from Charlie and Jo Vintage an adorable etsy shop! I was so excited to get the package in the mail today! You should all definitely check out Mikelle at the Honeypie Archives! Her blog is adorable! And then you should also check out Charlie and Jo Vintage. Their shop has such cute stuff for ridiculously reasonable prices. I plan on going there for some cute Christmas presents for my sisters. :] I won my second giveaway ever a day later! I won a month's sponsorship on After Nine to Five and am so excited about it! I'm not sure if my little button is up there yet but even if it's not you should go check out Ashley's blog. She is super cute and has lots of good blogging and small business tips and tricks. I can't believe I won two giveaways in two weeks! So exciting! And now I need to do my own giveaway! I am working on gather cute things and making some things to giveaway. So you all should look forward to that!

More posts to come about: Date Night {First Friday Artwalk in Downtown Flagstaff}, Q&A Post, Giveaway, Handwriting Post, and more!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Exciting News!

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I made something from Pinterest last night! Okay, maybe it's only exciting to me...
Does anyone else pin TONS of things to make on Pinterest and then never end up getting around to it because they are too busy pinning tons of other cool things? Because that's definitely what I do. Until last night that is! Last night I decided to get off my lazy bum and make myself a cute ear warmer thing because it's getting cold here! And ear warmers are adorable! So, without further ado, here is my rendition of the picture you see above!

What do you all think? I am in love with it and I definitely wore it today with a chunky sweater and a scarf. Isn't fall glorious?!

You should all make one of these! I made mine out of an old thermal shirt that I had stashed away for projects just like this. I plan on making a ton more too! I think that I may just have to go thrifting for some old wool sweaters so that I can make thicker, warmer ones.

Left: Ear warmer, scarf and chunky sweater. Aka the perfect fall outfit. Top Right: Close-up of cute ear warmer. Bottom Right: The back of the cute ear warmer! {Cute button, eh?}

And here's some other news, that might be more exciting to all of you: I am thinking about doing Swap Sponsors! It really depends on if there is any interest in the idea. I know that some people can't really do it because they have legit paying sponsors on their blog but I thought it would be fun to get some swap sponsors and then maybe to do some sponsor guest posts, giveaways, features, etc. If you are just interested in swapping and not in any of the other stuff that's totally cool too! Just let me know! If anyone is interested email me at emsmilesss {at} gmail {dot} com!

Have a wonderful fall day! Keep your ears warm and make something that you've been pining over on Pinterest! :]

I'm adding to this post! I am linking up with All Things Lovely Pinterest Recreation Linky Party and you should all join! Recreate something you saw on Pinterest whether it's cute earmuffs, an outfit, home decor, etc. and then link it up!! :]

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