Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pizza Party Picnic + Q&A

First things first, you all should go check out my new blog with my sisters-in-law! There's some fun stuff there and I've put an outfit post up on there with another one coming up tomorrow! So check it out and leave some lovin'! Eh?

Now for some fun stuff! :] Race and I clean a couple of schools to make some extra money. I hate it. But it is nice to spend time together catching up on each others' days as we drive to and from the schools we clean. Yesterday we got to the first school we clean and lo and behold it was SPOTLESS! We're pretty sure the kids must have had a field trip or something. It was super exciting but we were unable to head to our next school because the kids there do not go home until later. Lucky for us there is a Little Caesar's Pizza right in between the two.

We stopped and grabbed a $5 pizza and some breadsticks, opened up the back of the truck and enjoyed some pizza and good weather. It was the perfect little impromptu date and made cleaning our next school not so bad. Also, the weather here is PERFECT right now and the leaves are changing colors so even though we were in a not so pretty parking lot it was still fun to enjoy some of God's beautiful creations!

Now, do you all remember this post where I asked you all to tell me a little bit about yourselves? Well, first off, if you never did that then you totally should because I'd love to learn more all about you! Second, I thought that I would answer all of the questions that I asked you and then see if you have any more questions for me!! I would love to answer ANY and ALL questions that you have!

1. What is your blog all about? Well, I would hope that you would all know this since you read my blog. But, it's all about Race and I and our random little adventures together. I also like to do the occasional outfit post {which will probably be moving to Thrifty {Modest} Threads} and I would eventually like to put some tutorials and recipes on here. I do have one tutorial/recipe that you should all check out!
2. Where are you from? I am from Chandler, AZ and I lived in Redmond, OR until I was eight. {I just went back to visit Oregon this summer and it was WONDERFUL!}
3. What are you? {Student, wife, engineer,hairdresser, fashionista, mother, all of the above?} I am a student and a wife. I hope to someday be a mother. :)
4. What's a funny story that your family always tells about you? When I was about four I went on a roadtrip with my neighbors. On the way we stopped at a gas station and got to pick out a treat to eat. I picked some pixie sticks. I was only allowed to have one at a time but in between having one I asked if I could have one. I said, "Can I have a pissie stick please?" They thought that it was so funny that they just kept asking me what I wanted and I kept saying "Can I have a pissie stick please?!" So, I said awkward things when I was little. Haha. And it amused all of the older people around. :]
5. Anything else you want to share with {Race & Emma} readers! Anything else I want to share...hmmm. I am not really sure. I guess that I'm super sorry I have been slacking big time on the posting since October started! It has been CRAZY around here. I just need to get through midterms this next week and then I will be good. Wish me luck!!

Now, what OTHER questions do you all have for me? I would love for you all to get to know me better so ask ANYTHING!! And I will answer them all in about a week. You can either ask in the comments or you can email me at emsmilesss {at} gmail {dot} com and I will reply to you  {as long as you have your email unblocked}. I can't wait to hear what you all are wondering! :] Have a wonderful rest of your weekend! {I'm spending mine with all my cute nephews again!}


  1. Alright alright I'll ask a question: what is the story of your wedding dress?

  2. Love it love it. :) Pizza sounds really great right now... at 1:30am... no no. I love the things kiddos (in this case- you as a kiddo) say. Hilarious!

  3. Such a fun kid story. Love those.

  4. Yay!! I'm so glad you girls started the blog!
    And seriously, what a perfect little date! I love when a perfect moment is created spontaneously! You two are the cutest :)
    I'm confused, are you a hairstylist? How did I miss this, if you are??

  5. aw, yay for Q&A's. so perfect! and that pizza looks amazing right about now!
    xo TJ

  6. Yes love this!! And I love pizza. :)

  7. Q: So you have two blogs now??

  8. have you ever read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn? it's amazing. it took me half the book to get into it and then i couldn't peel myself away. Anyway, you made me think of it because the main girl's parents clean a schoolhouse together when they are dirt-poor newlyweds. You are living that life....except, he was an alcoholic, which i imagine Race is not, so....yeah...

  9. I think it is cute that you and your hubby work together! I think you'll look back on it and love the memories! :) GOod luck with your tests! And I love $5 pizzas! Can't get much cheaper than that for dinner for two!
    Question: When will you have kids? (Super awkward I know haha- someone asked me and it is one of those questions I want to know hahahah. But don't have to answer unless you want to :))

  10. Hey Emma!
    Just so you know - I also read the Help. And loved it!
    I have a question for the two of you. Did Race go on mission? Did you? if so - how have those experienced impacted on your relationship?
    Questions are such fun!
    xoxo Ellyse