Thursday, October 20, 2011

FHE Halloween Style {Again}

Monday night Race and I went to Flagstaff's lame version of a pumpkin patch and bought our pumpkins! We haven't carved them yet because we have family coming into town this weekend and we're all going to carve pumpkins together. But it was a fun date to go and pick them out! :)

{Mine is the tall one. Race's is the short, fat one}

Other than our fun date night this week has included lots and lots of studying, lots of working, and lots of stressing. Thank goodness that midterms are almost over!! Life will be back to normal again!

Oh yeah, Race and I have a Halloween party to go to next weekend. Any ideas on what we should be?! We need help!!

And one more thing! Go check out Thrifty {Modest} Threads where my sister-in-law posted a cute, easy way to fancy up a plain shirt! And tomorrow I'll have an outfit post up with pictures by my good friend Kylie! Have a wonderful dag everyone!


  1. Nice choices! I think you should go to the party as the big bad wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. You'd be so adorable!

  2. best couples costume i have ever seen:

    one of you wears a white sweatshirt, the other a brown sweatshirt
    get a large, square piece of cardboard and attach it to both of your backs

    when you hug, you will be a s'more...

    i was going to use this idea, but, alas...i am not married.

  3. Good luck with midterms!! And even more good luck with costumes! I always want to dress up but I'm not good at coming up with ideas :( the one time we did dress up we were tacky tourists :) Just throw together the most awful, touristy looking outfits you can. If you want me to email you a picture of what we looked like let me know! :)

  4. Good luck with school stress! I know how much that sucks. Also, I just read your comment about stake conference talks and not always going out with the same couple. What the what?! That's so bizarre!

  5. be a gangsta... my sis and i thought about being those this halloween, but i don't think we are ;) hope it's fun!

  6. good luck! I need to whip up something pumpkin this weekend.

  7. I'm sending you lucky vibes for the midterms! We haven't got our pumpkins yet but I can't wait!! October is SO fun. I'll go check out your other blog!

    The House of Shoes

  8. yummy pumpkins! Good luck for midterms! I hope my finals go ok...

  9. GOod luck on your midterms!!! I cant wait to go to a pumpkin patch.

  10. Ooo. Good luck with midterms. I did that last week. Bleh. You got dis.

    Also, I've looked at all those pictures on Kylie's blog, and you are way cute.

    And. I probably need a pumpkin.

  11. I'm loving the s'more idea! But I can't ever get my sweetie to dress up. And who wants to be just a marshmallow?

  12. Awesome pumpkins!! I need to carve mine!

  13. i freaking loveeee pumpkins. everything to do with them. cookies, carving, smashing. they are delightful little vegetables.

    p.s. i gave you an award today on my blog :)
    check it out

  14. yay! i love going to the pumpking patch!
    i can't even come up with clever halloween costumes...
    my husband wanted to be mario & luigi, but i think i'm just going to end up being a boring cat.

    happy [early] halloween :)


  15. Yay! That's what we were going to do last night on our date night too, but the pumpkin patch moved from last year so now we have to find one lol :)