Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Profound Points in Psychology

I am a Psychology major {You can all laugh or get out your psychologist/psychiatrist jokes out now ;] I will probably never be a psychologist or psychiatrist but people still make jokes or weird noises whenever I say I am a Psychology major. Haha. Does anyone else get funny reactions when they say their major or their career?}.
There is a lot that I love about Psychology and also a lot that really bothers me. I am sure that every discipline is somewhat like that.
Anyway, today when reading my textbook {Human Motivation, Robert E. Franken} I read something that I really liked. It said:

"You fall in love through your actions and you can stay in love through your actions."

"Staying in love depends on making the decision that you love someone and that you are willing to invest the time and energy necessary to stay in the relationship."

"It is ultimately your decision whether you stay in love or fall out of love.

It is so sad to hear stories about people who got divorced because they "fell out of love" with each other. I love that these quotes put the decision right on Race and I. And I am so glad that we made the decision to stay in love with each other for eternity. I really like the first quote because it is a reminder to do things every day/week/month/year to stay in love. So, I think that our goal for the next year {and the rest of eternity} will be to find things that we can do for each other every day that say "I love you."


  1. I love this!! Every couple that stays together, gives me hope for the future. People need to work at it. It's so sad when people you think will love each other forever, fall apart :(


  2. wow.
    i'm kind of speechless...
    i love those.

    it's so true, especially when i think back to past relationships. so interesting.

    thanks for sharing those!


  3. oh my goodness I love this!!! It's so true! people always blame divorce on things like the universe or they just 'lost the spark' but that's just showing a lack of determination to really work through their problems and work at their relationship. Granted, some relationships are toxic and that's different. But I seriously love this because it's so real! Wonderful wonderful quote of the day :)

  4. WOW! I love those quotes! So beautifully put!

  5. I love psychology too. It's such an intriguing study. It teaches you so much about living!!

    Love is such a beautiful thing. It takes time, and effort, but the pay off is beautiful.

    hugs (^.^) hope to hear from you *

  6. when people find out i'm in culinary school, they usually say "when are you going to cook for me?" or "do you need a taste tester?"

    to which i reply (in my head), "although i'm going to culinary school, i'm still a broke college student. if you buy the food, and happen to be in my apartment for the 5 free hours i have each week, then sure i'll cook for you"

    but out loud i just laugh and say "yeah... um... i gotta go to work. cya"

  7. Mmmm. MMMMhMMM. most definitely. agreed. I concur.

  8. When they find out I'm an English major, people usually comment on how awful their grammar is. I want to assure them that my grammar is not perfect and in four years of schooling I have taken one course on grammar. The rest have been on, you know, literature. I am much more likely to judge your poor taste in books than your grammar, though I do hate misspellings.

    I think a lot of people are in a series of short relationships and never get past the honeymoon phase. Then, when they do, they're lost. As a culture, we don't respect long-term relationships. Movies and TV are never about people who are still in love, they're about people who are falling in love or need to rejuvenate their love (with a few notable exceptions.)

    I will say that I don't like it when people talk about needing to "work" on relationships, because if it feels like work, you may be doing something wrong. Most of the things that I do to build my relationship are pretty darn fun.

    Super long comment, sorry. :)