Thursday, May 2, 2013

8 months.

You guys, I didn't write down much about Holland's eighth month. I usually keep a little running list on my phone of things I want to remember and now that she's almost nine months I'm getting everything confused! So this eight month post is going to be quick and a bit scattered.

Dear Holland girl,

We are just loving you at this stage. You are so funny and we love finding things to make you laugh. You have four teeth now but still are pretty anti-baby food. You are eating more finger foods. Lots of the little Gerber snacks but also bits and pieces of mom and dad's meals. You really like eating peas from mom's salads and you LOVE grated cheese. For the past few months you have been really clingy to me {mom} which makes some days really hard. Even though you still won't go to Dad for more than a couple of minutes if I'm in the room you have started to get SO excited when he gets home. You grin and grin when he walks in and just love when he comes to say hi to you. It is adorable! We're also grateful to live near your Aunt Tyne, Uncle Patrick and cousin Madison. You LOVE your Aunt Tyne. She is one of the only people you will go to over me. You also love your cousin and just want to be big like her. You follow her around while she runs throughout the house and laugh at everything she does. You also clap for her. Your clapping is one of my favorite things. You learned to clap just before your half birthday but then stopped doing it for a while and now that you've started it up again I just love it. It cracks me up when you clap for Madison or for yourself. Sometimes you'll crawl to a toy and then sit down and clap for yourself for making it there. It is just so cute! I am just loving everything about you these days! Thank you for bringing so much joy to our home! I love you Holland!

One Month.

Two Months.

Three Months.

Four Months.

Five Months.

Six Months.

Seven Months.

Eight Months!

Love you sweet girl!
Love, Mom & Dad

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Self-Timer Fails I Love.

I don't know how people use the self-timers on their cameras. Maybe it would help if I had a remote or something but just figuring out how to focus the camera and stuff completely eludes me. Despite that, I have ended up with quite a few "messed up" self-timer shots that I am in love with simply because they are of Holland and I. So, you all get to see a few of those today! As well as some mirror pics of the two of us!

I am so glad that even blurry images can capture just how much love I have for my sweet Holland girl. We sure do have a lot of fun together!

Happy Wednesday! And holy heck can you believe it's May?!

P.S. If anyone has some awesome self time tips and tricks I would LOVE to hear them!

{These photos were all taken the same day as my "A Day in the Life" post.}