Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Day in the Life

On April 23rd I decided to pull out our fancy camera and take pictures of everything we did throughout the day. We don't lead a super exciting life but it was fun to see what we do all day. Although I didn't get every feeding, diaper change, nap, etc. on camera so it's not perfect but it does capture the essence of what we do. Mostly I hang out with Holland while she explores our house and makes messes. And then I clean up her messes, try to make healthy, yummy food, and try to get stuff done while she naps. Or I don't bother trying to get anything done and just nap when she naps.

Anyway, I took about a million pictures throughout the day so I've been attempting to narrow it down but I've been pretty unsuccessful so this post is a bit picture heavy. But hey, less reading and more pictures of my darling baby girl, that's not really a loss for anyone! 

7:30am Wake up, make bed

7:45am Holland is awake {and mad--she does not wake up happy, she's not a morning person} 

 7:45am Holland lunges for her breakfast every morning when I get her out of bed. It cracks me up!

8:00am Breakfast time for Holland.

8:15am My breakfast time/Holland's Kitchen Playtime

9:00am Play/Explore Time, Get H Dressed 

9:30am Naptime for H, Work, Work out, Shower, etc. time for me.

{This first picture is from my phone because I was not
 going to risk waking her up by using the loud camera}

11:00am Lunch {Leftovers}

 11:00am Race is home from his birthday massage and heading to work. Holland is up from her nap.

 11:30am-2:00pm More exploring and playing for H, Dishes for me

2:00pm Second nap for H, Nap for me as well. 3:30pm H wakes up. 

 4:00pm Walk time! 

4:30 Explore the park

5:30 Dinner Prep {Chicken fajitas} and a grumpy babe hanging on my legs.

6:30 Trip to the grocery store. {No pictures}
7:30 Dinner time! 

7:30-9:30 Play with Mom and Dad, bath time, & lots of eating {not pictured} for H. 

You guys, my day-to-day life is not all that exciting but I absolutely love it. I love Race and Holland and I am so grateful for all that Race does so that I can stay at home with my sweet babe. Being a mom is so much harder than I ever could have imagined but it is also so much more rewarding than I could have known. 

I hope you all have a Happy Thursday! 


  1. Emma I loved all these pictures!! And reading this made me miss you all so much, but also made me extra super excited to see you!!! I hope someday we live close and can spend our days together with our babies!

  2. LOVE THIS!! I wish I had a fancy camera to take nice pictures with!

    And AMEN to the mama thing! So hard and so rewarding ;)

  3. I seriously love day in the life pictures. These are great! And I seriously can't get over your haircut. LOVE.

  4. Your days look a lot like mine :) I need to do a post like this someday!

  5. You are such a cute momma! :) I love this! I've been meaning to do one of these posts soon but it's so much work! you did awesome and I love all the pictures!

  6. I wish work took up as little time for me as it does for you haha I just want to lay in bed and read books with Ava all day! Your pictures are really cute :)

  7. You have the cutest little girl, Emma :) I want to do one of these too! But maybe not until I have a baby, because they make days so much cuter!

  8. I like posts like this. It sounds like the perfect day to me. There isn't anything more important to be spending your time on than raising her, in my opinion

  9. Those leftovers sure look good!! I'm obbsessed with your shoes where in the world did you get them?!

  10. But seriously Emma, Holland is just so dang cute! Great pictures!!

  11. I love this, Emma! Such a sweet little illustration of a day-in-the-life of your cute family! And love the pictures.

  12. I love this! I have been wanting to do something similar. Also...what do you do to work out? I really struggle finding time to do that.

  13. I love these kinds of posts! They make me so excited for the "non-exciting." ;) I love the pictures!

  14. I love this! Thanks for sharing your day-to-day:)

  15. You are SO lucky she will nap for a long time in the morning so that you can get stuff done! Jack takes 3 naps still but the first and last one are only about half an hour and middle is an hour and half long, and I usually take that one with him :) haha anyway. I love seeing how your day is... not much different from my typical day either!