Monday, October 3, 2011

Wondrous Weekend

My weekend was truly wonderful! It was spent in the valley with Race. Before heading down to the valley we did stop by our ward's chili and chocolate cook-off. We may or may not have eaten way too much chili and chocolate and then had stomachaches on our way down to the valley {Read: We did and Race may have had to stop at a gas station for some Pepto Bismol. Haha.}. Once we got to my family's house we enjoyed the rest of the weekend cuddling babies, taking TONS of pictures of aforementioned babies, watching General Conference, getting our pictures taken by the wonderful Lauren of Busy Bee Lauren {This was so much fun and I loved getting to meet Lauren. She is an amazing person and photographer! Oh, and her style is stinking cute! I wanted to steal her awesome boots!}, eating lots of food, shopping some {I got the cutest shirt from Old Navy!}, and other fun things with our family. I love being able to go home so often. :]

And now for LOTS of photos: 

My sister and I had fun trying out some new hairstyles {Oh, I forgot to mention that I met my sister's boyfriend for the first time! I approve of him. Thank goodness! It's fun helping my sister get dressed for dates and stuff. I'm so sad I won't be able to do her hair for Homecoming in a couple of weeks!}

This is me at our ward's chili cook-off. I am eating one of the winning chilis made by my cousin-in-law Ellie!

Tons of pictures of the adorable baby Edmond James Kvavle Olmstead:

I could not leave out my adorable twin nephews Waylen and Falcon! {They are six months old and are learning to crawl and wrestle with each other. It's hilarious! They made me laugh lots this weekend.}

And I definitely couldn't leave out my adorable nephew Jude! {He's the oldest and crawls so fast and stands up and gets into everything! He's lots of fun!}

Well, that's about it. If I ever figure out how to make videos then I will put a funny one up of Race singing in the car. Sadly you can't really see him very well {it was late} but you can hear him and it's pretty funny. :] I love when Race belts songs in the car. It makes me smile. :]

We got back from the valley tonight loaded up with lots of food from my mum. We came home and relaxed on the couch, danced in the kitchen and now we should be heading to bed. I guess I'd better make sure I don't have any major homework due tomorrow morning first!

Tell me all about your wondrous weekend now!


  1. I love the hair picture on the bottom left of the hair pictures. I might have to try that tomorrow. I'm always looking for new ways to do my hair.

  2. Mmkay. 1 - your hairstyles are terribly cute and for me, terribly impossible
    2 - stop with the baby pictures. I may have to make one myself soon. :)
    3 - Tell me HOW in the world you're able to so freely declare you approve of your little sis' boyfriend? I'm trying to come to grips with the fact my little sis is seriously dating already (she's 19).
    4 - Mmmmmm chili.

  3. Aww such a fun weekend! How neat! :)

  4. love the braids so much! beautiful.
    i blogged about my weekend today :)

  5. So many boys!! And twins! I love it!! I am also so jealous that Lauren took your pics! I've wanted to get photos done by her for-evah. Oh so sad to live so far away. I can't wait to see how they turn out, she does such a great job and you two are a couple of cuties! Sounds like a wonderful weekend. You must excuse me now as I need to procure myself some chili.

  6. OK. I cheated! But not on purpose! I was catching up on Lauren's blog and lo & behold there you were. Love them! It was just a sneak peek, but they were gorgeous!

  7. I loved your photos on Busybee's website :) they are so perfect!

    Also, these hair styles are great.

  8. I saw your pictures on Lauren's blog, and girl. They are awesome! You lucky girl!

    Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

    And girrrl. I need you to hook me up with some cute hair! Too bad we live so far!

  9. That sounds like an awesome weekend :) The pictures you had done are super cute! I want to get some now :)

  10. Hi Emma,
    Adorable nephews!
    Is this you on BusyBeeLauren?
    SOOOO exciting/adorable!
    xoxo Ellyse

  11. Love the baby pics! So cute!

  12. I am thinking I need to fly you up to do my hair for prom. seriously.

  13. ...I feel like I know that last name... Olmstead. I just keep saying it to myself to make it come to me. Anyway! OUR ward here in TN is going to have a chili cook-off soon, too! Crazy!