Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kisses with Race

I asked Race what I should title my blog post and he said "Kisses with Race" and then kissed me. I couldn't think of anything better so that's what it is! :] Silly boy!

Anyway, there is so much that I need to catch up on! I can't believe it's been so long since I posted. Oh well! First things first, the first post EVER is up on the blog I'm doing with my sisters-in-law that I told you all about in this post. So you should all go check it out! It's called Thrifty {Modest} Threads and the first post ever is by my sister-in-law Nikki and it's just a little introduction to what the blog will be all about! And she already told me that she has lots of ideas to put up on there so those will be coming soon along with other things by me and my other sister-in-law Jackie {the one who thought up this whole blog!}. So, get excited and go check it out!

In other news I won my first giveaway ever!! It was over at The Honeypie Archives and the giveaway was some super cute stuff from Charlie and Jo Vintage an adorable etsy shop! I was so excited to get the package in the mail today! You should all definitely check out Mikelle at the Honeypie Archives! Her blog is adorable! And then you should also check out Charlie and Jo Vintage. Their shop has such cute stuff for ridiculously reasonable prices. I plan on going there for some cute Christmas presents for my sisters. :] I won my second giveaway ever a day later! I won a month's sponsorship on After Nine to Five and am so excited about it! I'm not sure if my little button is up there yet but even if it's not you should go check out Ashley's blog. She is super cute and has lots of good blogging and small business tips and tricks. I can't believe I won two giveaways in two weeks! So exciting! And now I need to do my own giveaway! I am working on gather cute things and making some things to giveaway. So you all should look forward to that!

More posts to come about: Date Night {First Friday Artwalk in Downtown Flagstaff}, Q&A Post, Giveaway, Handwriting Post, and more!


  1. Look at you using your label box. haha! Love it! Isn't it awesome?? Congrats on winning TWO giveaways! So fun! And the title of this is so cute! What a great hubby you have. :)

  2. Emma your blog is so fun! And winning two giveaways is SO exciting!

  3. OOOO congrats on the giveaway! And the new blog is super exciting! I'm always looking for new modest and cheap fashion blogs!
    xoxo Ellyse

  4. Ooo Winning 2 giveaways! Fun!!

  5. I dont usually enter giveaways because I thinkI will never win... but maybe someday (:

    also- I'm excited for the thrifty modest threads blog! such a good idea

  6. i won my first everrr giveaway too last week! {i was the only one entered, but hey, it's still cool. :)} i love your giveaway goodies you won! cute cute!

  7. p.s. hilarious about the story behind the title. cute. :)