Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Should Be Getting Ready for Class

I should be out of bed and getting dressed but I'm not. What is it about the rain & thunder that makes getting out of bed so much work? I'm not really sure. I like it though. And I think I'll have hot chocolate for breakfast. Mmm. Today is going to be a good day! I'm over at Thrifty {Modest} Threads today with an outfit post. You should check it out!

Well, I'm headed out the door now with my rainboots, a cute hat made by my sister-in-law and some yummy hot chocolate! I'm so ready to face the day! {And the rain!} I'll be back later with answers to the questions you all asked me in this post! If you thought of any more ask away right now! :)


  1. i ADORE cozy days like this though. the storm and cold makes everything more romantic i think!
    xo TJ

  2. You look so cute and cozy! That's my favorite kind of outfit. :)

  3. You look adorable and it's making me wish our weather was the same :)

  4. I love that you're drinking hot chocolate for breakfast. Sounds like my kind of breakfast!

    P.S. I just got your package in the mail about an hour ago, so it should hopefully be there by Friday!


  5. So cute and cozy. I wish it wasn't 90 degrees here....

    Enjoy some more hot chocolate on my behalf!

  6. Very cute! Already saw your gorgeous outfit on IG!
    Hugs xxx

  7. good gosh you are adorable.
    Seriously, you make the cool weather look good!

  8. I wish I could go to school looking like that. There are some days I seriously miss being able to roll out of bed, pull on a hoodie and boots and call it good. I suppose it's a good thing I'm forced to get dressed in real clothes.

    Of course, you always look cute no matter what, so... :)

    Here's my question:

    Who is your favorite ex-roommate? JK!!

    What's your favorite memory of living in good ol' 96?

  9. LOVE the hat and the gumboots (that's what they r called in australia!)