Monday, October 24, 2011

General Conference {Just a Bit Late}

This weekend was wonderful. And really long and exhausting. More on the weekend later though! While I was driving back to Flagstaff yesterday {after driving down to the valley in the morning to help my sister get ready for her Homecoming dance!} I listened to the afternoon session of October General Conference. {The drive is just about two hours and so is a session of General Conference--PERFECT!} I got to hear apostles speak the word of God. It was inspiring and relaxing and didn't put me to sleep {honestly, I was a little bit afraid that it might make me tired rather than keeping me awake}! I loved how many things applied to me personally. I am almost itching to go for another two hour drive just so that I can listen to another session of General Conference {I would listen to it at home but I usually end up falling asleep}.

Here are some things that I was impressed to do from the Saturday afternoon session: 

  • Manage my time better. {Prioritize, 
  • Use social media things for good {My blog} 
  • Pray about mine and Race's future.  {Children, jobs, where to live, etc.}
  • Learn more about the Atonement and apply it to my life.

There are so many other things that I learned and felt. Now I just need to set some goals pertaining to all of these impressions! 

I love General Conference and I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These things bring me joy. 


  1. conference was seriously so wonderful. aren't we so lucky to be members of such an amazing church?

  2. It seems like conference just gets better and better each 6 months! I especially loved the session you're talking about.

  3. This is the best idea ever!! When I drive down to St George for work I get so sick of music... listening to Conference would be PERFECT!

  4. i love your insights. listening to conference in the car is perfect!

  5. Love that you wrote them down here. Now we can hold you to it ;) Jk. Those were some of my goals, too! And general conference is AMAZING.