Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wonderful Weekend

I mentioned in this post that the weekend was really long and exhausting. And it was! Thank goodness it wasn't long and exhausting because of homework and studying though! {In case anyone is wondering: I have two of four midterms done. I've finished the two  hardest ones. Thank goodness!} This weekend was spent staying up late with Race's family on Friday night. We hung out, talked, ate yummy food, and I got to play with cute baby Madison. It was a blast!

Saturday morning I headed out the door at 10 am to head down to the valley to help my sister get ready for Homecoming. Right when I got there we headed out the door to go shoe and jewelry shopping for the next FOUR HOURS! Luckily, we stopped and ate some Rubio's. I LOVE Rubio's. Then we headed home and started getting Helena all ready for the dance. We started with her nails, then I did her make-up and then her hair. Thank goodness a couple of my sisters-in-law were over to help me out and tell me if things looked awful because I have NEVER done make-up on anyone before. I haven't even done it on myself. So I really hope that Helena liked all of  it. I think that she looked absolutely gorgeous and I was so glad to be there for her. Especially since my mom was out of town. At 5:30 Helena headed off to the dance with her date. They looked so cute together and he was SO NERVOUS! It reminded me of going to dances soooo long ago. ;] After sending the cute couple off to the dance I hung out with my family for a little bit, took a nap, and then drove back up to Flagstaff while listening to General Conference talks {See last post}. It was a really long, really good day.

Sunday was spent going to Sacrament Meeting which was...interesting. We had a man there wearing an American flag church shirt and just doing things a little bit out of the normal. Like singing loudly and changing the words some. And when Race went to the bathroom the man was in there talking {once again very loudly} all about how America has lost its values and stuff like that. It was weird to say the least. Another funny story from Sacrament Meeting: I asked Race to grab the hymnbook that was under his seat so he reached down to grab it and smacked his head on the chair in front of him. So he gave up on that. So I decided that I would grab it for him and then I smacked my head! It was super funny! So we laughed through the whole first hymn. Luckily, someone handed us a book so that we could at least attempt to sing along. Haha.

After Sacrament Meeting we headed home because Race was {and still is :( } feeling sick. We took a nice long nap together and then hung out with family for the rest of the evening. And once again had some delicious food {made by my sister-in-law Teal}. It was the perfect Sunday and it was relaxing which was just what I needed after Saturday. After our family left we watched some of The Cosby Show and then headed to bed.

This morning I woke up refreshed and super happy. I read my scriptures {It's my goal to read my scriptures every day}, cuddled with Race, looked for my keys, said a prayer, found my keys literally thirty seconds later {in a super weird place}, and then got dressed up all cute for class, and headed out the door. Now I'm at work taking on some extra hours and enjoying my day. Later we are going to carve pumpkins {hopefully with some friends} and then we'll be continuing on with the rest of this hopefully-not-too-long-and-exhausting week.



Playing with dry ice!

Mmm. Fall is just gorgeous!

Last night we carved pumpkins with some friends! So I'll post about that soon! We kinda made it a competition but didn't have judges so maybe I'll have you all judge the pumpkins for us! Good idea, eh?

Now tell me about your weekend! What did you do? Anything to cross off of your fall bucket list?

Have a GREAT week everyone! :]


  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! My husband and I went to the fair on Saturday. It was so fun eating all of the fair food.

  2. Love the idea of a fall bucket list! Such cute weekend pictures and how adorable is the little one in glasses...love! Glad you woke up happy today and I hope you have a fun time carving pumpkins later!

    Liesl :)

  3. What a weekend hun!! Sounds wonderful. LOve the pictures :)

  4. DRYYY ICE! our church had a bucket of that at our trunk or treat last year! all the kids loved playing with it! haha. i had forgotten about it until i saw that picture. :)
    hooray for answered prayers about the keys! God is good. and fast. :)
    beautiful hair.
    sounds like a great weekend... my kinda weekend spending time with family. :)

  5. i love all those pics! and that hairdo is sooooo pretty.

  6. love al the pics! Looks so fun. her hair looks AMAZING! and i love rubios too...haha!

  7. i think the hair is fabulous. i like the crossover thing you did. good work.

  8. You did such a GREAT job on her hair! So proud of you :)
    Love your fall bucket list!

  9. Helena looks gorgeous! You did an awesome job :) I loved general conference too. Can't wait to see your pumpkins!

  10. Your sister looks gorgeous!
    and that is soooo funny about what happened at church (:

    the man in the striped shirt sounds an awful lot like my old sunday teacher who told me teachers were full of secret cominations. (he was dead serious.)

    he even knew my parents were teachers..
    and his wife was an aid!

    i miss that man.

  11. Cuuute hair (even cuter babies!)! Good job!

    I hope Race feels better soon!

    And I've made like 8 dozen cookies, so I can cross that off my list...

  12. What a perfect Fall bucket list! And babies...oh my heart:-) xoxo

  13. I love that bottom photo with the leaves!

    Your sister is so cute. I bet that will be a really fun memory :)

  14. I LOVE the picture of you standing in those colorful leaves!

    Can't wait to see your pumpkins! I still haven't carved any :(

  15. I'm so glad I found your blog. It's adorable! Love the baby with glasses on :)