Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dressing 'Le Bump' {#2}

This is from a week ago but I was so excited that my bump was showing from the front in the bottom picture! I still have to accentuate it a little bit but this is exciting stuff ladies! Haha. I am having so much fun watching my baby grow! Tomorrow I will be twenty weeks {HALFWAY!!} and Little Goose will be the size of a small cantaloupe! What?! That's crazy to me but oh so cool!  

Now on to some pregnancy style!

'Le Breakdown': 
Headband: Made by my sister-in-law Nikki
Shirt: Hand-me-down dress from my sister-in-law Jasmine {turned into a shirt by my sister Helena--I was not happy at her for cutting this dress but it worked well for this outfit! Haha.}
Jeans: Old Navy skinnies {$4.50!!} I used the hair tie trick for the first time with these jeans. It kinda worked but I had to do extra loops because it made the jeans a little bit TOO big.

Also, this was one of my first attempts at color blocking! How'd I do?! 


  1. So cute! I love your hair :) I need to go to Old Navy with you...I never have that great of luck finding stuff! I did find a cute maternity shirt on clearance for $9, so not too bad.

  2. I love those pants! So cute!

  3. Also, I found that those little clear hair ties work better right now for me. Gives me a little more room without giving me too much.

  4. Don't worry that i already use the hair tie trick on a pair of jeans that i'm unwilling to give up because they fit so well everywhere but the waist. I'm not pregnant. Pair it with a long shirt and nobody knows my secrets...

  5. You are awesome. Old Navy skinnies? Yes please.

    For the info, they are having some pretty sweet sales right now. Time to load up! C: