Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Two and a Half Weeks til GRADUATION! {& some book buying tips!}

I can't believe that I am about to finish my college career! I am so excited! :] I also have some MAJOR senioritis and do not want to get anything done! But, I am only two finals, two papers, and a couple of weeks away and I can do it!

I've been reminiscing a lot about the past four years. So I thought I'd share a couple pictures of me from my four years of college.



Beginning of Senior Year:

{And you all know what I look like these day! A massive baby bump and all that good stuff! :]}

Now on to the real point of this whole post! Today I want to tell you all about an awesome company that can help any of you who are still in school find your books for cheap! This company is Campus Book Rentals. As you can tell from the name you can rent  your textbooks. I honestly wish that I had known about this for the last four years because their company is awesome! I have rented from my school but the prices on this site are even better! Also, my main issue with renting online in the past or buying online and trying to sell your books back was always the shipping. Once you add that to the cost are you really getting a better deal? Well, with Campus Book Rentals you are because they pay for your shipping BOTH ways! You will not be paying for anything other than the cost to rent the book. Basically, if I ever go back to school I am getting my books from here. And I have already convinced my siblings that this is the way to go while searching for your books! Some of the other awesome benefits of using Campus Book Rentals are that you are able to highlight in the textbooks--in other words you can actually USE them and not have to worry about not being able to return them (of course don't completely destroy them!), they have flexible renting periods, meaning if you need them for longer or shorter than a semester the company will work with you, and possibly the best thing of all is that with every single book you rent the company donates money to Operation Smile! If you don't know what Operation Smile is then you should probably go and check their site out. Basically though, adorable children who are born with cleft lips are able to get operations to make their smiles even more beautiful than they already are! 

I looked up one of my Psychology books to find out how much cheaper it would have been for me to rent it. I also checked out its cheapest price on Amazon.The cheapest one I found was a LOOSE LEAF copy for $90 that I most likely would never be able to sell back. On Campus Book Rentals {click here to see for yourself} I could rent it for anywhere from 55-130 days with the most expensive price being $50.96! {You do have the option of renting for even longer for just a little bit more money. You can CHOOSE the date you want to return your book by!} And you don't even have to think about shipping! Pretty dang awesome if you ask me! 

I know that textbooks are ridiculously expensive and for all you college students out there and ESPECIALLY you newlywed college students this is a great way to save money! Check out Campus Book Rentals for all your summer classes and for any of your future college courses. I am sure you will save quite a bit in the long run! 

Until then I hope you all survive the end of your semester--that's my focus for the next two and a half weeks: Survive and TRY to not ditch my last four classes! Wish me luck! :] 

P.S. This was a sponsored post {this lovely company is paying me by satisfying my pregnancy cravings with a lovely fruit basket since I currently have no use for credit to their awesome site} BUT the opinions are 100% mine! I just think they are a super great company and I LOVE that they are helping Operation Smile out with EVERY textbook rented. Get your books for cheap and support a wonderful cause! Life is good! 


  1. Congrats on graduation, Emma! You are so beautiful!!

  2. awesome pictures..congrats on exciting!

  3. Congrats, girl!!! Hey, can I get your e-mail address? I need to ask you a question :)

  4. love your ferocious jackolantern shot!

  5. yayyyy congrats on graduating! that must be such a good feeling. What a fun flashback. super loooove that last picture of you in that adorable outfit.

    The House of Shoes

  6. Aw, I loved seeing pictures from your college years. So cute.
    Also a great website for when you're done with your textbooks and want to get rid of them is they give you a list of places who will give you the most bucks for your book! I just got done using their site yesterday to sell some of Marli's books.

    Thanks for your encouragment on my 'changing' post, Emma!


  7. So many exciting things are happening for you and you are SO CLOSE! What an amazing accomplishment to finish your degree! Congrats!

  8. Congrats on the graduation!!