Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Holland's Room

I finally finished decorating Holland's room. We've been in our apartment for over a year now so that's good! :] I love that it's done! In just a few days our crib for our next baby will get here so that will be added to the room as well. Although I'm sure it will end up in our room at least for the first few months. We'll see...

Anyway, here is Holland's cute bedroom! 

Left Photo Featuring: Fabric flowers and Yarn "H" made by my sister-in-law Nikki--now used to hold Holland's bows, a print from Nikki, sleeping baby music box from Holland's Great Grandma Ashby, Russian nesting doll stuffed toy made by my mom, little doll by the fabric flowers that was given to me at my baby shower, Winnie the Pooh block my mom found with an R{Race} and E{Emma} on it.
Right photo featuring: Plan toys doll set found here, IKEA unicorn toy, cute boots from Race's mom, and some dollar store baskets. 
{The cubbies were made by Race and the yellow fabric bins we got for $2.99 and ShopKo and the pink ones were from the dollar section at Target a few months back}

Left Photo Featuring: a cute print gifted to me by Nikki {not sure whose etsy shop it's from--I'll link to it if I can find it}, this Mesa Temple print, hoop art by me, IKEA mirror, oil paintings from my Great Grandma Cannon, and the cute hooks from my sister-in-law Tyne {they are now holding a bunch of head bands!}
Middle Photo Featuring: Pallet bookshelves made by my brother-in-law Patrick 
Right Photo Featuring: Cute decorations from Holland's baby shower made by Nikki 

Left Photo Featuring: Bunting made by me, Bird houses painted by Nikki from my baby shower as well, dolls made by my mom that I grew up loving on!  
Right Photo Featuring: Bird mobile gift from Nikki!
{As you can tell Nikki helped out a lot with Holland's room decorations!}

And here is Holland on her pallet bed from my sister-in-law Tyne!
{Holland just started sleeping on her pallet bed this last week and it's going well! I love that it is right on the ground so I'm not afraid of her falling off in the middle of the night.}
These photos also feature the Lochness Monster I made from this pattern for Holland for Christmas. 

Holland's room is such a bright, happy place which is perfectly fitting for my bright, happy girl!


  1. I love it! I bet all the color really brightens up the room, that is so fun! Where did you get your white frames?

  2. Ok come decorate Rory's room for me?? Kthanks hahaha it's adorable Emma!!

  3. I cannot believe how old she is getting! She is such a doll. And i love her room. How are you doing girl? It's been far too long. I miss our chats :) Hope everything is fantastic xo

  4. How cute! I love all of the details!

  5. Sooo, so cute...and that lochness monster slays me.

  6. Holy cuteness Batman! And the room looks really sweet too!