Tuesday, June 17, 2014

On Just Doing It

This morning I was lying in bed thinking about how I hadn't decorated mine and Race's bedroom in the almost year and a half that we have been living in our apartment (which is the longest we have lived anywhere by the way) when I decided to just do it. I love how it turned out. So sweet and simple.

Turns out starting my day out by "just doing" something helped me "just do" a bunch of other things as well. Who knew? I'm really not the most productive person out there and I'm usually pretty okay with that. Snuggling my girls is the kind of productive I like to be. But it really does feel good to be productive in other ways as well. So I'm really glad for the little jumpstart I gave myself today.

Good luck just doing something today even if that means just snuggling your babies or your husband or chatting with a friend or whatever it is. It feels good!

P.S. Thank you to Race for watching the girls while I was in my "just do it" mood and organizing ridiculous things around the house. Also, thank you for "just doing" the dishes and sweeping the floor while I blog! I love you!


  1. I love this! It applies to any area of life!

  2. Seriously why is it sooo hard to just do a project during the day when it's so rewarding afterward? I totally relate, good job! It's so cute and you're right about it becoming a snowball affect of wanting to do more productive things throughout the day