Thursday, December 31, 2009

Small Thoughts

So for Christmas I bought Jasmine a book called "How To Be An Adventurer Of The World". It's a fun book with silly activities and things to do to get you thinking and observing the world around you. On the back of the book it says, "At any given moment, no matter where you are, there are hundreds of things around you that are interesting and worth documenting." So, Jasmine and I did a few of the activities at church on Sunday (yes, I know we should have been paying better attention...haha we're working on that).

The first one we did was called Right Where I'm Sitting. You had to observe ten things from where you were sitting that you hadn't noticed right when you sat down.

This was my list: 1. Messed up hymn books. 2. Warm (almost too warm and there is no room to take off my coat). 3. Smells good (but the smell comes and goes or I'm just used to it now). 4. Crayon on floor (blue, under pew, rhymes!) 5. Green thing on floor (gum wrapper possibly?) 6. Crying kids (unlike the SILENT singles wards) 7. Jazz is sitting way too close! Haha. 8. I can hear the speaker (not too loud though). 9. Blue and redish maroon design on pews. 10. Our pew is smaller than the one in front of us. So that was my list. Then Jazz and I exchanged our lists. It was interesting seeing the differences in our lists.

Here is Jasmine's: 1. The bench in front of me is made out of purple material instead of the usual odd green they have at church. 2. They decorate with wreaths at this church which I've never seen that before in the chapel. 3. This is the kind of thing Knowlton does at school. This must be the page in the book he read when Emma showed him. 4. There is a blue crayon on the ground. 5. The exit sign is red not green. 6. The baby next to me has a sister with a really big bow on her head. I'm surprised she doesn't fall over. 7. The missionary talking is boring. 8. There's a camera or projector in the very back of the room. 9. There is a sweater on the bench next to us and it matches with the bench. 10. Emma is really antsy about me finishing. Hopefully she doesn't make fun of my spelling.

So those were our lists. It's funny to notice that I stuck mostly to things super close to me (usually within a couple feet) and Jasmine branched out a lot more. And even included some of her thoughts that had nothing to do with the things around her.

The next thing we did was answer five questions that they had in the book. They were: 1. What is your current favorite book? 2. Who would you like to have dinner with? 3. What super power would you most like to have? 4. What food would you eat every day? 5. What is your favorite smell?

I said: 1. Nineteen Minutes 2. My Grandma Usher 3. Elastigirl powers. 4. Potatoes 5. Apples

Super random, I know. But fun to think about. The final thing we did was to write down every thought that comes to our minds. It is harder than it sounds because our minds think crrrazy fast. We did this for a while and it was pretty interesting and funny.

Here are my Small Thoughts:
1. I still don't like Jazz's green bag.
2. I suck at paying attention in church recently.
3. This guy has a really deep, kinda weird voice but he doesn't speak too fast. That's good.
4. His voice doesn't match his looks.
5. He's kinda cute but lots of missionaries are. And who knows if his personality matches his looks. (yeah I know I shouldn't be thinking about missionaries like that. I promise I don't ever go after them)
6. I wonder if he has a good singing voice or one of those annoying deep opera voices. (sorry to anyone who has an opera voice...)
7. I wonder what Jazz's weird thoughts are.
8. Skylar took his suit jacket off. I wanna take my coat off but there's no room.
9. Bishoprics are always funny to watch. They look so bored sometimes. Or like they are trying REALLY hard to look like they're paying attention.
10. My hand hurts.
11. I'm coming back to Flag on Thursday I think. For New Years.
12. Hopefully we can find something to so.
13. I love having lots of quiet time to read. I forgot how much I love reading.
14. Nineteen Minutes is a good book but it sounds like they might make it seem okay that this kid shot people at school just 'cause they've always teased him and I don't agree with that.
15. I can't imagine raising a kid who did something like that. I would feel guilty even though it wasn't my fault. Or would it be my fault?
16. Jodi Picoult really makes me think about controversial stuff like that.
17. The Lovely Bones was a weird book. I liked it though.
18. I love my big black bag. I can fit so much stuff in it!
19. So many people have been and are getting married! Super exciting!
20. My hand still hurts.
21. I skipped over some of my other thoughts. Is that cheating? (Jazz says it is.)
22. I wonder if we're gonna stay for one, two, or three hours of church.
23. One more minute.

This is a super interesting activity and a fun one to do when you're bored. I did it a few times in my classes last semester and it's always funny to go back and read them later because daaang do we humans think some random stuff. Anyway, there's a little glimpse into what Jasmine and I do when we're bored and a little glimpse into my brain. I hope you enjoyed!!


  1. bahahahaaa I like that game! Don't be surprised if I start texting you random stuff like that during EDF class hahaha! :)

  2. I loooove that game. It will be very useful in EDF trust me. That is if you have any time between writing all your missionary friends and doing all the busy work she makes you do. I can't wait to hear your random thoughts during that class though.