Sunday, January 3, 2010

Oh, the Joys of Hair :]

So I love my hair. It is fairly easy to do.
Low maintenance and I think it looks semi-decent usually.
But, I get sooo bored with my hair. So I switch it up a bit.
My general pattern is to grow it out kinda long then chop it all off.
Then I grow it out to ponytail length again and then chop it all the way off.
I love doing this and although I haven't loved all of my hair cuts over the years it is fun to look back at them. So that's what I'm going to do in this blog.
I hope it's as fun for whoever reads this as it is for me!

This is August 2007 (Senior Year of High School)
Messy bed hair. But long (for me) and light brown and down.

This is June 2008 Summer before heading off to college. Loooong hair!
August 2008 First Year of College. Chopped it all off!
This is September 2008 and I'm back into my ponytail phase.

December 2008 a little longer hair and actually downish for once.

Here is me with my brand new bangs! And my hair down! :]
March 2009 Bangs again but with my hair back in the ponytail.

May 2009 And now my bangs are long enough to sweep to the side.

August 2009 Back to the ponytail and my bangs are finally long enough to put all the way up again.

October 2009 Hair getting long again and I cut my bangs back to sweeping to the side length.

October 2009 The beginning of the craziness!

October 2009 BLACK HAIR!! And my roommates taught me how to curl it with a straightener and it works sooo good!

November 2009 I do also occasionally enjoy having my hair done all pretty. Crazy thing: A BOY did this hair. Looks good, huh??

November 2009 Here's my looong black straight hair. Just before the BIG change...
November 2009 And here's my hair as it is right now. I loooove it and I think it makes me look a little bit older than the fourteen years old that people normally guess.
Well, that's about it for my hair adventures. YAY for hair and it's endless possibilities!


  1. What a chronology! Glad you're blogging again, except for the fact it makes me miss you more...

  2. Crazy some of those pictures don't even look like you!! Super cute as always though!