Friday, January 22, 2010

"All is Well" -- Rancchoddas Shyamaldas Chanchad

A weeks ago I went to the movies with my dad and a family from my home ward, the Clements.
We went to see a Bollywood movie, 3 Idiots,
and this being my first time seeing a foreign film I was not expecting anything too great.
The movie was so much better than I had expected!
Even after it had been talked up by the Clements!
You have to read subtitles but it is completely worth it.
I tried to find a trailer with subtitles on YouTube but I couldn't find one so
I'm going to put a link to the normal trailer and you can catch a glimpse
of what the movie is like even though you won't understand much.
I am not going to try and explain what the movie is about because it is
one of those movies you just have to see.
It is a bit goofy but definitely a feel good movie.
The main phrase that goes with the movie is "Aal izz well" or in other words
"All is well". I love this phrase and
I love the overall message this movie has.
So, if you find it in a theatre near you go and see the movie 3 Idiots!
(I saw it for the second time this week and it was just as good!
If not better...)

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