Friday, January 22, 2010


So, I found a new love.
And that love is: WATCHES! 
 This is actually not a super new love.
When I was little I was OBSESSED with my dad's watch and always wanted to borrow it.
This didn't work out too great since  he needed it (this was before EVERYONE had cell phones).
So one year I got a watch for my birthday but it was never quite as cool as my dad's watch. 
Over the years I got over watches but they have returned to my life. :]
I have two now. A white one and a brown one and they are pretty dang awesome.
I feel really cool when I wear them. 
The funny thing is that I still check the time on my phone. 
The first day I had my very first watch (a cute white one) I was walking around downtown 
Flagstaff with my friend and staring at my watch since it was making my wrist look so dang cool 
and he asked me what time it is and as I stared at my watch I reached into my back pocket 
and pulled out my phone. Skilled, huh?
Even when I do check the time on my watch I double check on my phone since I'm not super great at reading the clocks with the big hand and the little hand.
That is an art that has been lost over the years with all the fancy digital clocks.
Now that I have a couple watches though I'll have it down in no time, right?
Here are some pictures of my cute watches:

Pretty dang cool looking!

So I figured that while I was on my blog I could write a little bit about what's been going on in my life as well as blab about watches and the like. 
So here goes! 
I am done with two weeks of my fourth semester of college. 
I just switched my major to Psychology although I am sure it will switch again before I graduate.
What I really want to go into is some kind of therapy.
Either Recreational Therapy or Occupational Therapy.
I really want to work with children who have disabilities.
If anyone has suggestions for other majors or anything I would love to hear them.
I need all the advice that I can get.
But anyway, this week barely even counted as a full week of school because...
We had MLK Day off. And then I went to school Tuesday.
Wednesday they cancelled all 8:00 and 9:10 am classes because of the snow.
And then Jasmine and I drove down to the valley with our fingers crossed that we would get snow days on Thursday and Friday.
And...those crossed fingers paid off! 
So, school was canceled for TWO days! 
And we are enjoying the nice-ish weather of the valley.
There has been a lot of rain but it's much warmer than the snow.
And rain in the valley is always a treat. :]
Of course along with nice valley weather I have been able to enjoy being home and having my Aunt Suzanne in town. So it's lots of good stuff. 
School this semester should be pretty fun.
I got into Spanish 201 which I was SUPER excited about.
I haven't taken Spanish for about two years but I remembered just enough to place in 201 (or the third semester).
And if I do well I can pay just a little bit of money to get EIGHT credits for 101 and 102. 
That was a happy way to start out the semester and so far Spanish is my favorite class.
I love the language and I have a fun teacher. 
We interact and get to know the other students which is different from most of my other college classes.
It is definitely a nice change and a nice way to start my day.
I am also taking a PE class again this semester and I learned how to use all the weight machines.
I also had my teacher tell me how many reps to do and all that fun stuff so I work out FOR SURE 
at least twice a week.
I am looooving feeling sore again. :] 
Life is good.
All is well.

And to end this all, a quick quote that includes my favorite word and some very good advice, "If you are waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today? Because if tomorrow never comes, you certainly will regret for the rest of your life not having spent some extra time for a smile, a conversation, a hug, a kiss, because you were too busy to give that person what ended up being their last wish." --Elder Claudio R.M. Costa

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  1. Cool watches, its always good to find a new love :)