Thursday, January 7, 2010

A 7-Year Olds Instructions on "How To Get a Boy to Like You" (Gelsey's)

So these are instructions my seven year old sister told Helena, my sixteen year old sister on how to get a boy to like you. They are pretty amusing and pretty on the dot for some. Helena originally wrote these down as Gelsey told them to her so that is who I am borrowing them from. Thanks Helena and Gelsey!!

**These are her exact words

Lesson 1-How To Dress Pretty
-Dress pretty and cute. Wear skirts with t-shirts that match your skirts. Wear high heels. And do your make-up pretty and cute. Do your hair the way cute girls do it, like down, curly. And I almost forgot, wear perfume.

Lesson 2- If You Like the Boy
-If the boy has talked to you at least three times, but then he stopped talking to you for a long time, try to hang out with him, like at lunch. Ask if you can sit with him (in case he has friends that might laugh at him).

Lesson 3-If You Don't Have A Phone
-If you don't want a phone, and you can't talk to him when you're at your house unless he is at your house, get a phone anyways. Tell all of your friends that will text you “Please do not text me. Please do not delete this message.”
-Then try to get his number.
-Oh, and get an iPhone. Then all the boys might think you're cool, because you'll have internet, and YouTube, and Facebook.

Lesson 4-How To Get a Boy To Go To Prom With You
-Wear a cute dress that boys might like and they might think you are wearing it to Prom, and then might ask you out to Prom.
-Then you might go to Prom with them.

Lesson 5-How To Get A First Date
-The boy asks you out. But then... he doesn't have a car. How do you get him to get you there? Then you buy a car so you can drive him there. On the way home he can drive you home. And then you can drive him back home.

The End. ( This is to make it a story, in case a teacher ever asks you to write a story about how to get a boy to like you. I don't know why any teacher would want you to do that for homework.)

My Comments on all of that:
Lesson 1: Pretty dang on the spot :) And good thing she remembered the perfume.
Lesson 3: I feel pretty good about this one seeing as I have an iPhone. (This is even being posted from my iPhone!) All the boys should like me now. ;)
Lessons 4&5: Hahahaha. That's about all I can say.

I love my sister and little kids. They give some of the best advice! I think I'll be turning to my sister for advice more often now.

Here is the gorgeous author of this good advice. :)

And here is the beautiful author with me. We got our hair cut the same. Cute, huh?

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  1. Your sister is freakin adorable. How fun!!

  2. I remember reading this somewhere else. haha I laughed. what a goob. I am gonna test it!

  3. Tell me how it goes Katie :) Haha. I've tested it some. I think the iPhone really works ;) And the hair down and curly.

  4. I've missed so much on your did that happen? That Gelsey is toooo funny and witty. I wonder where your friend katiemae read it before? Maybe Gelsey is quoting a book they both read.
    Before I forget...I loved your email...I'll have to write back soon!
    Love you!

  5. I wrote a lot for a few days. Haha. I need to blog again soon. About the new semester and all that good stuff. :] Katie probably read it on Facebook where Helena had posted it in a note before. That's my guess...I can't wait to hear from you. :]