Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Library Study Rooms

Above is my cute little study room at Cline Library on NAU campus. The picture is a little bit deceiving because I like to sit/lie on the floor rather than sit in the chair using the desk but you get the general idea.

They have a whole row of these and so far I think I've used each one at least once and some a couple of times. These little rooms are my new favorite places. After and between classes I head over to the library to get my homework done, read my scriptures, and meditate (I'm going to write about meditating in another post). I get so much done in a waaay shorter time than I would back at the apartment when I go to a study room. You see, I get distracted really easily and when I am at the apartment and I don't want to do something I cook food, clean, watch movies, get on facebook, read a book, play a game, slide down the banister or basically anything to get out of working on my homework. And I'm sure you all know that that does not turn out too great for me in the end. So these little study rooms are my little focusers. And let me tell you, they do a dang good job. :)

Right now I think I'm locked out of my apartment so I am in my cute little study room lying on the floor and finishing up some homework and catching up on my blog. Dang good stuff!!

So today, I am grateful for study rooms. :)

Oh, and I would like to add in that Elder Skylar Pond is officially in the MTC! And he is going to be an awesome missionary. Here is a picture of Elder Pond and I just before he got set apart. (Sorry it's's from my phone and I'm not sure how to change that. I'll figure it out eventually though.)

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