Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You Are Beautiful

This was written on my desk in humanities last semester and it made me smile :) I normally think it's really dumb when people write on desks and other things that aren't meant to be written on but I made an exception for this little message. I know that it wasn't written for me but it still made me feel good. So I took a picture and sent it to some people in hopes to brighten their days as well. I think so often we focus on our insecurities and bad qualities and forget who we are...Sons and Daughters of a loving Heavenly Father. And we are all beautiful and unique. I am grateful for that little note and for the beautiful people in my life.

Like my sisters...and I'll add Asae Bodily in there even though she isn't technically my sister.

And my brothers...

And my parents (I'm only putting up a picture of my dad but they are both wonderful!)

And my best friend

And my roommates (and this isn't exactly good pictures of everyone sorry Kylie and Aubree...I'll find better ones soon :))

And my extended family (thank you Sam and Grandpa for representing everyone)

There are so many more beautiful people who have influenced and bettered my life and I am grateful for each and everyone of you. "You are beautiful!" And to pass on that message I wrote "Smile! You are beautiful!" On a mirror in one of the dressing rooms at Old Navy a few days ago. So spread the love and let someone know they are beautiful. Even if it's a stranger.
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