Thursday, June 24, 2010


The institute in Flagstaff does Wakeboard Wednesdays every week. Race and I had never gone to one of them until last night because of work, Race's face, and other things coming up. But, last night we went and it was so much fun! We headed over to Lake Mary around five so that we could spend some time enjoying the sun on the "beach" (it was just a ton of rocks--not too comfy). We laid out on some towels and talked and played DoodleJump (a fun game I have on my phone). Later we headed over to where people from the institute were meeting and we got on a boat with four other people and stayed out on the lake the whole time! (I don't think this normally happens but our boat driver was awesome :]) Anyway, Race went first and it was his third time every wakeboarding. He is so good!!! He made it look so easy and fun, of course. :] Then all of the other people on the boat went and finally I decided to try. I jumped in the lake with all the gear on and they told me what to do. I didn't get up the first time, or the second, or the third...well actually I don't know how many times it took me to get up. Haha. But a few times I did get up but then fell right away. Finally, on my last try I got up and stayed up for about twenty seconds! I know it doesn't sound like much but it was a lot of fun! It's quite the rush once you get up and get going for a while. So, Wakeboard Wednesday was a success for me and I can't wait to go again and work on getting up even better and staying going for a while. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of Race or me so I don't have any of those but here is a picture of beautiful Lake Mary where we went. It was also nice to just be in such beautiful surroundings for the evening.
Race and I will actually be taking some of our engagement photos in an area like this in a week from Saturday! We will be taking them at Lake Marshall, which really isn't a lake but it does have the beautiful trees and sky and long grasses. So it will be very pretty as well. Ten days 'til we take our engagement photos and 71 days 'til we get married!!! :]

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