Wednesday, July 7, 2010

He Makes Me Happy :]

The next couple of weeks are not going to be super fun...
Race and I both work at Coldstone Creamery and for the next week and a half or two weeks we are on completely opposite schedules...which means we NEVER get to see each other.
I know this is life but it's still not tons of fun.
This morning I called Race before he opened the store just to say good morning.
He had me get out of bed, walk downstairs and open my door...
And, right outside my door was...
Yeah, yeah I'm sure you were all expecting something super romantic but let me tell you about this.
Race and I decided to have him drive to work in the morning and then I ride my bike there for the evening shift and then he rides it home so I have a car to drive home when I get off at night.
So yesterday we did that except we forgot to throw the bike in the back of his 
truck before he drove me home. 
I was kind of upset because it is a long hot walk to Coldstone in the afternoon. 
So Race brought it over for me and left it outside my door with the key and a cute note taped to the seat.
I love this boy!!! 
And here is the cute note with my crazy morning hair. 
He is so dang sweet :]


  1. aw! that is so cute.
    I didn't know you both worked at the same place...maybe they scheduled you opposite if they know you are engaged? Love your hair...haha

  2. Isn't it?! Haha. It made me super happy. :] And they know we're engaged but they scheduled us so he works mornings and I work nights which means we NEVER get to see each other any more other than for a little overlapping time at work. It's LAME! But ooooh well. Haha. And thanks...I have such BEEEAUTIFUL morning hair. ;)

  3. That IS so lame!!! I'd be upset too...but good for him to find ways to make you happy :):) love it!

  4. that does stink!!!! but at least your in the same city as your man... but I'm glad that he makes you so happy :)

  5. I am super grateful to be in the same city :] I just need to remember the good things when I get all upset.