Thursday, June 30, 2011

First {and most likely last} Outfit Post

I don't come up with super cute outfits very often. And then when I do I don't have anyone to take pictures of them. But, I can take pictures with my iPhone. So when I came up with this cute outfit a couple of weeks ago I did just that. So here is my first and most likely last outfit post. Unless of course Race decides he wants to start taking pictures of me. We'll see about that one...


tank top & sweater: Old Navy $7ish total, belt: off of a skirt from Kohl's $5, scarf: WalMart $5, jeans: Target $6, sandals: Wet Seal $6

I love getting things on sale and am super proud of myself for nothing on this outfit being more than $10! I also loved using the scarf as an accessory. I have always been a big fan of scarves but have never figured out how to incorporate them into an outfit. That's why I was extra proud of this outfit.

Well, that's all for now. Maybe someday I'll do another outfit post...we'll see! They definitely won't happen often since I come up with maybe one cute outfit a week. But it would be fun to add something new to my blog. :]


  1. ahhhh so cute!!!! and what do you mean not that often!? you look so cute allll the time, prolly one of the most stylish people i know!

  2. Psh! You are about a thousand times more stylish than me!! But thank you! :) How has France been?! I am so jealous. Race lived in Europe for threeish years so he doesn't feel the need to go back just yet. Someday I'll convince him that he needs to take me! You'll have to tell me all the good places to go in France!