Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Packing

Packing is super stressful for me. Which means I try to pack a few days in advance so I am not stressing close to the actual trip. I spent today and yesterday packing. I decided to pack Race's stuff as well. I am not sure why seeing as packing stresses me out...I guess I just want him to look super good. So I decided I should pack all of my favorite clothes instead of all his old, awkward hand-me-downs that he would end up packing.

{Sidenote: Before Race and I got married literally ALL of his clothes were hand-me-downs. This isn't necessarily a bad thing except for the fact that about half of these hand-me-downs were shirts that said things like "poo chucker" on them. Haha! Now I buy him normal, good-looking clothes. :) }

Anyway, to begin the packing escapade Race and I did ALL of our laundry yesterday. Everything, except for the clothes we were wearing, was washed. After that I spent about an hour and a half folding all of that laundry {we don't do laundry for at least a month so there was a lot to wash and fold}. I then packed Race first. He is the easy one. If only I could just pack t-shirts and jeans. Boys have no need for undershirts, belts, jewelry, hair things, cardigans, etc. LUCKY!! After finishing Race up I opened all my drawers, pulled out by bags of belts and hair things, opened my jewelry box, grabbed my basket of shoes and began. And I of course had my lists on hand {I write lots of lists. For this trip I have so far written two but I am sure that before we leave I will have at least one more with last minute things that we need to remember}.



After I had everything ready I began packing. First I laid out outfits that I have worn and know that I love. After that I started trying on new outfits and things I hadn't worn in a while just to make sure they still look good. I am not sure why I feel like I have to do this but I do. After finding enough outfits I grabbed all of my shoes and tried to narrow it down to just a couple pairs that would match everything. Then I went through and tried to figure out what belts, hair accessories, and jewelry I would need to go with each outfit. I really don't use lots of accessories but it is still a must do when packing.


Finally, I started to fit everything into my duffel bag...this is always the scary part because what if it doesn't all fit! This is exactly what happened. I got about half of it all in my bag and then realized that there was no way I was going to be able to fit everything. So I had to take everything out, fit Race's stuff into the duffel bag and jack his nice suitcase {This was especially mean of me considering Race is devoting his entire carry-on backpack to bringing the PS3 and the Play Station Move so that we can play Michael Jackson: The Experience with my family in game ever by the way}. Luckily Race's stuff fit into the duffel except for his church clothes which I very kindly fit into my bag. Also luckily my things did fit into the suitcase. I do have a problem when packing though...I ALWAYS overpack! I don't know how to help it! Any suggestions? I guess I just really like to have options when I am on vacation so I end up packing tons of extra shirts, undershirts and cardigans.

As you can see below, everything fit but it was overflowing so I was definitely sitting on the suitcase to get it to zip up. 


FINALLY after getting everything packed I packed up my toiletries, or at least the ones I am not using in the next couple of days and some things to have on the plane. Also, I already made sure to have an outfit out to wear on the drive to the airport and on the plane. For example, the one sweatshirt I am bringing that I don't want to stuff into my bag. And the only pair of tennis shoes{ish} that take up more room than all of my flats and sandals {Does anyone else wear their bulkiest clothes on the plane just so they don't have to try and pack them?}.


That was my whole packing adventure. This was the first time that I laid out all of my outfits so that I could make sure to have shoes and accessories to match everything. Usually I pack each outfit and then try and remember what I packed and what else I need. Not super smart. I am glad to be done threeish days in advance. I just really hope there is nothing that I forgot!

Here are some things that I learned about packing that help me not stress out about it as much:
1. Make a list and rewrite that list if you need to halfway through because it gets so cluttered with doodles.
2. Listen to good music {Lately I like "The Script" radio station on Pandora}.
3. Have a friend to talk to while you pack {I used to love packing with my sister because we would just chat away and take HOURS to pack just cause we were hanging out}.
4. Lay ALL your outfits out so you can figure what shoes and accessories match more than one outfit.
5. Do ALL of your laundry before packing.
6. Pack early so you're not stressing.
7. Take your time.

I am not sure what else but these are a lot of things I haven't always done in the past and they definitely made this time packing a bit easier and less stressful. I still overpacked....but someday I'm sure I'll learn to only pack what I'm going to use.

Well, I am glad to be done packing and now I am going to get a good night's sleep so that I can enjoy the rest of my weekend before we leave to Oregon on Monday!!!


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  1. i know exactly how you feel! especially lately since i basically have pack a new bag every week till i finally pack everything for going home the end of this month!
    plus i always always over pack and then when i arrive always think of 10 other things i wished i'd brought!

  2. Hey I'm a list-maker too! And I do try to wear my bulkiest shoes & stuff to travel instead of packing them. The best thing I do to not stress is to convince myself of a guy's point of view: the clothes we wear won't matter at all. Alright, I'm not really successful with that, but I can realize they aren't as important as the fun we have and the time we spend together:)

  3. Haha Miranda, I do the same thing! We overpack but still manage to not pack things that we want. Dang packing is obnoxious. I did just find a post about how to pack light on another blog {} and it was actually pretty helpful. I think I'll take some of the advice she gives next time I have to pack for a long vacation.

    Carissa, I totally know what you mean about clothes not being the important thing. I'm realizing on this trip that I am wearing all my comfiest, not super cute clothes first anyway because I'm on vacation and want to be comfortable! So now I know a little bit better how to pack. And if I had remembered that we would have a washing machine to use I would have packed much lighter!

    I am having a blast though and don't have to worry about packing again for a few days...until I have to try and fit a few things that I bought while I was here in my already full bag!