Saturday, July 16, 2011

Missing Them

I have mentioned quitting my job a couple of times in the past few posts and I wanted to talk about that a little bit. I quit without giving two weeks notice and I have my reasons behind that {If anyone wants to hear the whole story just email me at emsmiles {at} hotmail {dot}'s a long story}. Because of this I was not able to say goodbye to the sweet children that I spent the last eleven months taking care of. I miss them like crazy and that is my one regret about not giving two weeks notice. I was going through pictures on my phone and I just wanted to do a post about these wonderful kids who I loved and drove me crazy all at the same time. For those of you who don't know I was nannying for a family of nine children with the youngest being one-year-old triplets. It was a very hard job but also very rewarding as I was able to watch these kids grow and learn every day. There were obviously things that eventually made the job too stressful and hard that I really felt like I needed to get away and find something new to do but that does not mean that I do not love those children and miss them like crazy! So here is a post to help me say goodbye to the sweet Wesche children! {I don't think I have pictures of everyone but I sure do have lots of pictures of the triplets since I spent the most time with them}

Be prepared for a photo overload! {This is maybe a quarter of all the photos I have of these cute kids on my phone} Also, the captions will be below the photos.

Maggie and Grace doing a photo scavenger hunt in the woods.

Maggie and Grace doing stunts with me :) They were also pro swing dancers and gymnasts!

One of the first of hundreds of walks with the triplets.

Playing at the mall.

Cute Nick with the girls.

Finding ways to amuse the girls and keep them out of trouble for a little bit. Cue the blue cups as noise makers!

Cute faces!


After one of Nick's baseball games. Playing in the field.

Playing at the park and in the backyard.

School plays :)

Birthdays and graduations.

The babies' first time at the zoo!

Going to Build-A-Bear :)

Cute jammies and attitude!

Cute hairdos

Shopping with Tommy for his confirmation clothes :)

Maggie with her broken arm.

Ice cream for turning two!

Happy Second Birthday!!

I know they are mostly of the triplets but I love and miss all of the Wesche kids! They were such a big part of the last year of my life. I spent hours with them, doing the girls' hair, bathing the babies, going to the park, going to the mall, cuddling, reading thousands of books to these kids, helping with homework, and so so much more! I was there when Maggie broke her arm and I rushed her to the hospital while holding her hand the whole way there, I was there for birthdays and graduations, bad days and good days, I held kids while they cried and found ways to make them laugh and I giggled with them at all kinds of silly things. It was a lot of work and I am sad to be done but it has been a good thing for me and for my marriage. These kids will always be close to my heart and I hope that they always remember the love I have for them. Goodbye Wesche's! I love you kids!!

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