Sunday, July 10, 2011

A First

I found Race's first white hair when we were at Detroit Lake the other day. He was very excited. He looks forward to having salt and pepper hair and then someday having a head full of pure white hair. I'm excited too. :) He will be such a cute old man!

Can you spot his white hair?

Also, Race and my brother Knowlton took apart a camera tonight to try and fix it. Three hours in and it has been taken apart and put almost all the way back together. We still don't know if they've fixed it or not yet. I did get pictures of them being manly though.

{The gloves were to keep from being shocked from some copper part. They found these after they had each been shocked quite a few times}

Sidenote: Race is very good at fixing things and I love that about him. He fixed our vacuum that broke and we vacuumed our apartment after months...gross, I know. He's also fixed lots of vacuums at the schools he cleans. Vacuums are his specialties so we'll see if that knowledge transfers over to cameras...

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