Friday, July 8, 2011

Beautiful Oregon

I could write a lot but this is my second time trying to start this post so I'm going to keep the writing to a minimum. I do have lots of pictures though!

We are loving our Oregon vacation and spending lots of time outside with family. The weather has been perfect!

Fourth of July in Las Vegas and at the airport:

Fourth of July sparklers in Oregon:

Hiking at Smith Rock with cute baby Jude and cute sandals. There were also cute cousins but I unfortunately do not have pictures of the cute cousins.

Spending time with family at Detroit Lake and admiring Oregon's beautiful mountains:

What happens to Race when he doesn't put on enough sun screen at Detroit Lake:

And finally {for tonight} playing croquet ALL DAY in the backyard:

{Race has the best croquet stance ever. :) Notice the slightly raised heel for absolute precision in his hits.}

That's all for now but I have so much more to share. Today we spent the day playing Michael Jackson: The Experience on the PS3 Move, playing croquet again, meeting up with family at the park, exploring downtown, going to Applebee's with all the older cousins and my sister and I ended the evening by going to see Monte Carlo in theaters. {I know those movies are cheesy but I love them all and this was no exception. Helena liked it too! :) } It was a good day!

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