Sunday, July 10, 2011

Downtown: Bend, Oregon

We explored downtown Bend last week and it was lots of fun. There were lots of cool shops. My favorite was a little antique shop with lots of cool glasses and clothes. I found some gorgeous baby blessing dresses. Unfortunately they were quite expensive.

This picture is in front of my Grandpa's first dental office.

It's hard to read but it says Dudley's {Harry Potter! Who's going to see it at midnight this week?!}. This was a really fun bookshop. More pictures below.

{I love rocking chairs. I need to find a good one before I have a baby someday.}

This was at a cute soda shop. I loved their stools. Also Helena's outfit was super cute.

Jasmine found us these awesome glasses at the antique shop.

Also, I had the comfiest outfit that day. I got the maxi dress at TJ Maxx last week. The sweater was from Last Chance years ago, the shoes were from Kohl's years ago and the bag is my sister's.

More exploring downtown. I'm not sure what they were looking at in this picture...

Anyway, downtown was lots of fun. We have one day left before we fly out tomorrow evening. I am not sure what we'll do with our last relaxing day before we have to get back to real life. I am going to have to start job searching when I get back. Any suggestions for where I should get a job?

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