Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Post in Which I Ask and Answer My Own Question

The other day I couldn't focus on anything but my flaws.
I felt like my flaws were way bigger than everyone else's.
{Not that I really know other people's flaws}
Anyway, I read a lot of blogs and I kept asking myself:
How do all these big bloggers make their flaws seems so small and silly?
These bloggers often have flaws similar to mine but when I do the same things they do I don't see it as funny or's always HUGE and the end of the world kind of thing.
After thinking about this and writing down all of my thoughts on it I realized a couple of things:
1. People often blog to try and focus on the good, funny things in life, so they learn to find good and funniness in their flaws.
And 2. When we see flaws in ourselves we just make them WAY bigger than the flaws we see in everyone else.

I know that comparing isn't good for anyone and that my flaws really aren't HUGE things. They are things that I can learn to laugh at. And I can do that through blogging about the things that make me happy and the silly flaws that I have just like everyone else.

P.S. Race is tickling my back right now and singing "She's too sexy for her hair, too sexy for her lips, too sexy for her....etc." I love my husband! He also just asked me if I was blogging about how sexy my hair is. Haha. Let me add a picture of my hair on here so you can all see how unsexy it is right now...

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  1. Pics: AWWW!
    Words: You're right on, Emma. It's all about seeing the good and trying to laugh off your flaws or learn from mistakes, and my own imperfections always seem to be bigger/worse than everyone else's until I force myself to put them in perspective:)