Monday, July 18, 2011

Summertime Picnic

My husband took me on a surprise date on Saturday.
It was a perfect date with perfect weather.
To start out we headed to Target where Race got me a picnic basket.
It was super sweet because I had told him that I wanted a picnic basket a while back and that I wanted a cute one, not one of the 'modern' metal handled, weird fabric ones.
He headed straight to the summer section of the store and picked out the cutest basket for me.
Then we got ourselves some food and something to drink.
We headed home and got plates and cups real fast and then went out on a walk with our basket full of food and the perfect picnic blanket.
I didn't know where we were going but we ended up about five minutes away from our apartment on a sand volleyball court. It was just like having a picnic on the beach.
The sun was setting and the weather was perfect and we had such a nice time enjoying each others' company.
I love when my husband comes up with cute date ideas for us!


  1. You are so adorable.

    I love your header because we got married in Mesa too.

  2. Thanks! I've been blog stalking you all day FYI :]
    When did you get married?! We are going on ALMOST a year!! :]