Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sometimes I Get Dressed

For a couple of weeks over winter break I did not get dressed AT ALL. I wore my bathrobe all day and it was wonderful (Race would disagree with that statement). Now that school and work have taken over my life I have actually had to make an effort to get up and get dressed every day. It really is a lot of work sometimes. I do know that I don't want to end up in my bathrobe for my whole pregnancy though so I am really trying to make an effort to dress cute regularly. This usually means I get my hair and makeup done and my outfit is just okay or I have a cute outfit and don't bother with my hair and makeup. Life is all about the give and take, right?

Here is an outfit from this past week that I was pretty happy with. Let me know what you think!

Shirt-Target $4
Cardigan- Old Navy $3
Skirt- Forever21 $6.50
Tights- Old Navy $2
Shoes- Hand-me-downs FREE

This outfit ended up being super comfy and I loved the colors together. AND because the skirt is so stretchy it's an outfit I hope to be able to wear for a least until my stomach is HUGE.

I am grateful for cute, comfy clothes that help me get off of my lazy bum in the morning and get headed out the door in style! 

Have a wonderful day everyone! 


  1. Oh my goodness. Teach me how to look so cute and pay practically nothing!

  2. You look fabulous! I hope you feel better soon. That morning sickness doesn't last forever. And grats on being almost done with school!

  3. love! i adore pairing stripes with other prints, and a shirt w/ words on it is an excellent choice that i want to try.

  4. Girl. You are so, freaking cute! Love this outfit.

    And we need to swap buttons, I'd say!

  5. Too cute, with amazing price tags, thats what I like to hear! ;)

  6. Haha you are cute and funny mwah!

  7. too cute! love, love, love it. :)


  8. What a perfect combination of comfy and cute! Love it!

  9. Cute! I love hand me downs. :)

    And to answer your question, yes. We do know where each bottle of sand is from. I labeled the bottom of each one. :)

  10. cute! i have seen the skirt everywhere! i wish i had one

  11. comfy and cute is definitely the way to go. Later in my pregnancy, I would come home from school (I taught 2nd grade) and strip off my clothes and replace them with pj's! Any clothing the last weeks are so uncomfortable! haha.

  12. cute cute!! That's what I want to do when I'm preggers-lots of cute stretchy clothes. love the colors too! congrats again by the way! sooo exciting!

    The House of Shoes

  13. How can I never do the stripes thing with the pattern of a shirt plus the cardigan color added? You look amazing.


  14. haha I'm glad you get dressed ;) very cute outfit. Your shoes look darling though only one is showing :) ps I'm super excited for you to be prego. I always wish I was!