Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I haven't  been blogging much lately but I thought I had better get caught up on what has been going on in our lives lately. {And I finally have time. No job and I'm back from Oregon! My only focus right now is growing a baby!} Life has been pretty crazy and doesn't seem to want to slow down at all. So, I'd better get used to it before I have a baby and things get CRAZIER! I also wanted to document these last few months before the baby comes because it will be fun to look back and remember what we were going through. {It's also funny to think that Race and I were pretty convinced that right now would be the PERFECT time to have a baby. We would be graduated and officially 'real adults' so everything would just fall into place. Now we've realized that there may never be a perfect time to have a baby. Life is always going to be crazy. But we have learned that there is a right time to have a baby and this was the time for us. We are so excited our little one is on her way!}

Everyone has heard the saying about change being the only constant thing in life. This little saying has been going through my head A LOT in the past few months.  It feels like every time Race and I try to make plans everything changes and we have to readjust to something new.

I won't go through ALL the different plan changes we've been through in the past months but just know that we have almost moved into quite a few different apartments in quite a few different places. We actually have moved out of our on campus housing in Flagstaff and into a new place and then out of that apartment down to the valley {AZ}. We are living with my parents for a few months while we figure things out to avoid signing a lease and then having to break it if things change again. But that just means that we will be moving again within the next few months.

Race has almost gotten multiple jobs and we start planning for them and then things fall through. He has a job now but did not get the schedule he was told he would be able to get which has thrown a wrench in our plans.  We have been told that jobs will be created for Race to apply for and then people have not followed through.

We have changed doctors multiple times. The most recent being this last week. I'm really hoping that we will be staying with this doctor through the rest of my pregnancy but I really don't know at this point. 

In the last few months there have been a lot of prayers, lots of hopes and dreams, a few disappointments, and many tears {on my part--I am learning that I don't deal with change very well}. We are grateful for all that we have and we really are not complaining about our life. We love that we are closer to our families than we were before, we are grateful that Race has a job, and we are excited to meet our little girl in just a few weeks! We are not enjoying the heat of the valley but we will survive with lots of trips to Bahama Bucks! We are on the lookout for a better job for Race and for a more permanent housing solution once we figure out where we are going to be long-term. We are hoping that Race can get his shift changed to the one he wanted but for now we are just going to enjoy this time that we have together. 

So, that's where were at about six weeks and one day before we are due to meet our sweet baby girl. Life is exciting, super hot, and constantly changing! We'll figure things out with lots more prayer, faith, and the love and support of our families and friends.

Race's first time at Bahama Bucks.
{He's in love with it!}

Moving some stuff into our storage unit.
{U-Haul storage places are very aesthetically pleasing. Haha.}


  1. That is a lot of change! Last year was the year of most change for us. Not saying things haven't changed this year, but it's not as drastic as last year!

  2. Love Bahama Bucks! I also love what you said about not being the "perfect" time, but the "right" time. Love love. And I feel like nothing is settled down right now, too! Hahaha oh well. I guess that's normal.

  3. I totally understand crazy changes. It sounds like you guys have been going through so much! I'm sorry to hear that. I'm also really inspired that you've found so much to be grateful for! Good luck with the continuing changes!

  4. ugh. Life is really about constant change, and I swear it gets more and more constant the older I get! I hope you haven't been too stressed out, especially because your little one is ALMOST here! I can't believe how fast it has gone by! I can't wait for you!

    It sounds like things have worked out, though not like planned, and I am glad they have!

  5. sounds like a stressful, happy life!!! You're down here now? Let me know if you need anything!! Good luck with everything! especially finding a place to move!

  6. Wow sounds crazy, I know what you mean about changes, but you are so full of faith and I love that, so inspiring, especially as I have some huge changes coming up! Love ya girl! x

  7. Sorry things ave been so rough...I'm sure they will smooth out soon...God provides for all our needs!

  8. Things will end up a-okay! He will provide. :)