Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dressing 'Le Bump' {#6}

I haven't done one of these posts in a while! So I thought I should do one since my belly is significantly bigger these days! {It's hard for me to believe it has six{ish} weeks left of growing to do! AH!}

I have noticed that I take less pictures because I have been wearing a lot of repeat outfits but I need to keep taking pictures because I still want to document the bump growing. So, there might be repeat outfits {for those of you who follow me on Instagram--emmaashby}. Either that or I'll just go out and spend money on new clothes! We'll see which one actually happens.

On the blog I'll just show you the new outfits though!

{This was a week ago. So now I'm 34 weeks along.} 

Shirt- Old Navy girls' section- $5
Cardigan- Old Navy- $6ish
Belt- Charlotte Russe- $2
Maternity Pants- Shade- $19 
{I got them with an extra 30% off so they are a little bit more expensive now}

I need to wear fewer layers now that we are living in the hotter part of AZ. In other words, no more cardigans or undershirts. Any tips for dressing cool down here?? I knew at one point since I grew up here but living in Flagstaff for four years and being pregnant are two things that are not helping me adjust to the heat very well. Maybe I just need to live in the pool for the next six weeks. Good idea, eh?

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. You can still wear stuff from the girls section? Trying not to hate you. (just kidding! You're too cute to hate.) :)

  2. YES to living in the pool. That's what I do. At least, it's what I do when I am not too tired from work :)

  3. You look so adorable!! Oh my goodness.

    Only a few weeks left!! I can't wait to see little baby Ashby! :)

  4. you are so darling:) you make pregnancy look so fabulous! here's to cooler temps for us both! i'm not even preggo and this june heat is killing me! :)

  5. Good luck with that....looking cute as always!

  6. Oh wow you are almost there lady! So exciting!

  7. Lovely : ) You always have great outfits at ridiculously low prices! It gives me something to aspire for when I'm pregnant someday. And I totally feel ya on dressing cooler - I have such a hard time giving up undershirts because I use them to hide my cleavage and bra straps - how to do it now that it's 90 degrees? Still trying to work that one out...

  8. Such a cute preggo shirt! Congrats on the little one on the way!

  9. geez. I am now really wishing i had documented my growth (repeat outfits or not) as dilligently as you. What a neat treasure :)

    oh and my dress was from Forever 21. I can't remember where you live, but I got it at the City Creek mall just last week, so it should still be there... I couldn't find it online :( but it's been the best dress so far because its breezy, has sleeves, and is actually quite slimming :) Everyone says I don't look AS pregnant haha

  10. wish i could help you out with dressing cooler but the heat is one reason i dont want to be pregnant during the summer. you are looking great!

  11. Arizona heat while pregnant? Eesh. I'm sorry! LIVE BY THE POOL! :D

  12. You are too cute Emma, look at the bump!! can't wait til your little cutie comes!! :)