Monday, December 31, 2012

Four Months.

Dear Holland,

I am almost a full month late writing your four month post! I can't believe you are already almost FIVE months now! I feel like the first two months of your life went by kind of slow but now the time is FLYING! Ever since you started laughing and smiling more you have just seemed so grown up! Your dad and I loving watching you grow and learn and trying to take in as much of this wonderful age as we can since it is so fleeting!

Here are some things your dad and I have noticed about you in your fourth month:

  • You have started arching your back and throwing your head back when you are upset or happy or just to look at the lights on the ceiling because those are pretty exciting! 
  • You have started talking and it is so cute! 
  • You love to go on walks--either in a front pack or in the stroller 
  • You want to be a part of everything and stop nursing whenever you think something is going on/hear a noise. Nursing is not very easy these days! You are a little wiggle worm! 
  • You try to grab anything and everything that Mom and Dad are holding and bring it straight to your mouth. 
  • You want Mommy to hold your hand while you eat--she must not be distracted by ANYTHING else. 
  • You still smile at everyone! I really hope that you don't get a fear of strangers anytime soon because I love your ridiculously happy personality!
Sweet baby girl, you bring so much joy to our lives! Once we move into our own apartment we're hoping to finally sleep train you because you still think that you should get to cuddle next to Mommy and nurse ALL. NIGHT. LONG. and while I love our cuddles it does make me just a tad bit exhausted every day. You are however taking pretty regular naps during the day which we're loving! And you are finally to the point where we can set you down in your exersaucer or on the floor for a few minutes and you're happy to be entertained by your toys or your cousin. You are just growing up so fast and we're seeing your little personality emerge more and more every day! We are grateful for every single one of your smiles and you definitely cheer us up when we're having a bad day! 

Mom and Dad 
4 months

3 months
2 months
1 month


  1. she is seriously the cutest. she is lucky to have you and race!! happy new year to your sweet family!!

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  3. What a cute little girl!!! I love the pics in the laundry basket! They are Anne Geddes-ish and I love it :-) Xo

  4. I CAN NOT believe she's so big already! Such a beautiful girl!

  5. Holland is SO STINKING precious!!

    I'm due on Friday, and I've loved following your blog - cannot wait till you are able to post more about your precious girly!

    Hope all is well!

  6. Found your blog through mutual blogs :) your little cutie is precious!! I love the basket idea, it really gives you a good idea of how much she has grown!!