Monday, December 3, 2012

Holland's Blessing Dress

About a month after Holland's blessing I got her dressed back up in her dress to get some more pictures because we didn't get any closeups the day of. So, here is her beautiful, blessing dress made by her {great} Aunt Sage in all its glory and Holland in all her cuteness! 

Adorable booties

The whole dress with the bonnet.

 The whole dress with the headband.

I love my sweet baby girl and she looks absolutely beautiful in white! 
I look forward to seeing her in white again on her baptism and on her wedding day!
I just hope all of that doesn't come too fast!  

Love this song: 
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  1. she is so perfect and beautiful emma. and i love her all in white!


  2. Oh, it's adorable! I love the little booties.

  3. She is so sweet and precious! These posts always make me feel so sentimental and I'm not even a Mom yet.

  4. Oh my gosh she is so beautiful!

  5. She is such a doll! Did you make her dress?!

  6. Emma- I just adored Holland's dress. It is so perfect.