Friday, February 22, 2013

Six Months.

Dear Holland,

This month has been so much fun! You interact with us so much more and you are sitting up on your own! You started sitting up on your five month birthday and haven't ever had much of a problem falling over or anything! Since you've got the whole sitting thing down you are now reaching further and further for everything around you. We wouldn't be surprised if you started crawling soon but we are going to enjoy this time when you aren't mobile because we have definitely not finished unpacking and baby proofing our new apartment.

You are definitely missing living with family because your cousin Madison was your favorite form of entertainment. But you are sleeping much better at night now that we are in our own place! You don't wake up all night long and think that you need to eat which is such a nice change for me! You do still have a pretty late sleeping schedule but you also sleep in in the morning so I can't really complain. Maybe someday we'll work on moving your sleeping schedule up. We'll see about that!

Here are some other things your dad and I have noticed about you this month:

-You are aware of strangers now and while you'll smile and giggle at them from a distance if they try to hold you you frantically search for Mom or Dad.
-You've started reaching out for people (mostly Mom!) and it is just about the cutest thing ever!
-You kick your legs like crazy all. the. time.
-You still try to walk whenever we are helping you stand up.
-You can roll over but you don't like being on your stomach or back (you'd rather be sitting) so you don't practice it much. I'm sure you'll really figure it out one of these days!
-You like to play with non-toy items more than toys. I'm pretty sure this is normal for most babies but your favorite toys are spoons, lip gloss, and spatulas.
-You still grab at your toes all the time and have gotten really good at taking your socks off.
-You talk to yourself all the time, giggle all the time, stick your tongue out all the time, and spit all the time. It's stinkin' cute!
-You fit into 6 month clothes, and 9 months clothes and even some 12 month size clothes! You're just growing up too fast! And I'm already pretty sure that you will surpass me in height pretty fast. You are a tall girl!
-You are finally getting a TINY bit of hair. I'm sure it's only visible to your parents but it's still exciting! They're just itty bitty adorable fuzzies all over your adorable head!
-You are still the most smiley baby I know and every time you smile at me I am just so glad that you are a part of our family. I'm excited to watch your personality grow and I hope that you always bring joy to those around you!

We love you so much!

Love, Mom and Dad

1 month.

2 months.

3 months.

4 months.

5 months.

6 months.

We didn't get the greatest pictures this month because Holland was just not cooperating. But you can tell how long she's getting! I just can not believe how fast she is growing! I love being Holland's mum! 


  1. Happy 6mo Holland! Your a doll! And lets be real … it doesn't get much cuter than a babe in a laundry basket!

  2. So cute! She's getting so big!

  3. Yay for more sleep! I love that she is already outgrowing the basket!