Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Day I Ate Bugs "For" Race

Just a picture of this cute little one. 
It's totally unrelated to the rest of this post but like I said, she's cute and little so it works. 

I watched the most recent episode of The Bachelor today and Race half watched it with me while he played some video games. There was a part where Lindsay and Sean were in Thailand and Sean somehow convinced Lindsay to eat some bugs {gross}. I turned to Race and apologetically let him know that I would not be eating bugs for him anytime soon {read: ever}.

Fast forward a few hours to tonight. Race made some delicious sugar cookies and I was in charge of making the frosting. {Race is the sweets baker around here but he always has me make the frosting because let's be honest, that's one of the few things I'm good at doing in the kitchen}. Anyway, I made a simple frosting {some butter, milk, and powdered sugar} and very nicely frosted a cookie for Race and brought it over to him {after eating a cookie myself first--of course}. After his first bite I did think to warn him that I "burnt the butter" so there were some burnt black bits in the frosting. He looked at them and told me that butter doesn't burn. I explained to him that it must have because what else would those little black bits be?

We each decided to ignore the little bits and ate a couple more cookies. On Race's fourth cookie or so he decided to investigate the black bits a little further and was convinced they were bugs. 

I still wasn't sure but I threw away the remaining frosting anyway. But I just had to investigate further. What were the little black things?! I dumped out the rest of the bag of powdered sugar and sifted through it but couldn't find anything. I then melted some more butter just to see if I could burn it. Apparently you really can't burn butter--or if you can it takes quite a while {I stopped trying after a few minutes because I knew I hadn't had it in the microwave for that long}. So I dumped the butter into the powdered sugar. Then I had to check the milk because, heck! what else could it be? So I poured a glass of milk while looking for the bugs and then dumped it in with the butter and powdered sugar. Still nothing. So I mixed it up and then the bugs started to appear again! And I got a close up look at them and they really did look like itty bitty ants!

I'm guessing they were in the powdered sugar the whole time but only appear when you mix in liquid or something? Anyway, it was a pretty gross experience and Race and I both kind of feel like throwing up now. But hey, I guess Race and I will eat bugs for each other so that's got to say something about our relationship! Also, in just a few hours Holland will probably be getting some bug protein as well. We really are a loving, trusting family. The family that eats bugs together, stays together. That's how the saying goes, right? 


  1. Oh so yucky! I love it, haha. But I'm glad that's not how the saying goes ;)

  2. That's so weird. You can *brown* butter, but I've never done it in the microwave. You should try it sometime in your frosting! It gives a sort of nutty flavor, if you can stomach little brown flecks....

  3. Hahaha! First of all, I'm glad to know there are other people besides me that watch the Bachelor... And second, I am still cracking up about your version of that saying. Pretty sure that is how it SHOULD go. ;)

  4. You can burn butter, but it wouldn't really turn into black flakes. It gets super dark brown and tastes and smells gross.