Tuesday, June 18, 2013

9 & 10 Months.

First off, I am a couple of months behind on Holland's monthly updates. She is already TEN months old! So we're just going to combine the two months! And then I'll still do the Instagram posts separately! I still haven't done her Eight Month in Instagrams yet! I'll get there! We had a trip to AZ in May for my sister's wedding and then we went camping the week after we got back. Other than that we've just been soaking in the beautiful weather and spending lots of time in the sun! But back to the update on Holland's ninth and tenth months!

I have officially failed to do a photo of Holland in a laundry basket every month. Oh well! I take hoards of other pictures of Holland so they will just have to suffice for this post!

Dearest Holland,

We are still loving each stage you reach more and more! It is so fun watching you explore and learn new things!

At nine months you:

-Love putting your fingers in other people's mouths and feeling their teeth as well as in your own mouth.
-You went on a trip to AZ to be a part of Aunt Helena and Uncle Cory's wedding and did great on the flight to AZ but threw up the last ten minutes on the flight back to Idaho. That was not fun but shockingly NO ONE on the plane noticed! I have no idea how since you threw up ALL over Dad. We were grateful no one noticed though and everyone on the plane loved you!
-You can wave and it's adorable!
-You learned how to get up from your back. You still haven't really every rolled from your back to your stomach but you learned how to sit up from lying on your back and let me tell you, you can see just how hard your abs are working to get you up!
-You can stand up on furniture and walk around it and you figured out that sometimes you can let go and stand up on your own for a few seconds.
-You eat any finger foods that I put in front of you but you especially love anything green- avocados, peas, green beans, etc.

We just can't believe how fast you are growing up!

At ten months you:

-Let me feed you from a spoon for the first time ever! That lasted about a week before you decided you were ready to feed yourself with a spoon. So I load the spoon up and hand it to you and then you do an amazing job at getting it to your mouth. That lasted for about a day before you decided you should also be getting the food onto the spoon. You are turning into a toddler much too fast! You are pretty good at getting food for yourself but I have to monitor by holding the bowl otherwise you just dump everything out and don't eat much of it. You are loving meal times and I have noticed that if you hadn't had enough big girl food throughout the day you can get really crabby. We have yet to come across a food that you don't like. There were a couple of things you didn't like the first time around but by the second time we gave you them you decided they were delicious {strawberries, bananas, pineapple}.You do really seem to like veggies more than fruits which is helping me to be better about eating veggies! You're just such a good example! You still nurse quite a bit which I'm totally okay with because I love to snuggle with you. I think I will be pretty sad when you decide that nursing isn't your thing anymore.
-I shouldn't write anything good about your sleeping schedule because I know the second I say anything about it it will change. You have ALWAYS gone to bed really late but we had a wonderful week where you went to bed at 11 every night. I LOVED it. But then I bragged to my mom and the next night you didn't go to bed until 1:30 am. I did not love that so much. So your sleeping schedule is still a little crazy but when you do get to bed you don't usually wake up at all during the night and that is really nice! And you take two pretty regular naps during the day unless your schedule gets messed up from church or visiting family.
-You started taking steps! You had taken one or two steps towards me but the first time you took steps with real purpose you were walking towards your Aunt Tyne and you walked about five steps. It was impressive! You do love your Aunt Tyne and she is also the first person that you crawled to! Since those first few steps you have started to walk more and more! The most you have taken is probably right around ten but you've gotten so good at keeping your balance and deciding when you're ready to sit down vs. falling down.
-Also related to walking we have been taking your walker to the mailbox every day. It makes for a much longer trip than me carrying you there but you love to stop and wave at the cars passing by, watch the kids running around, eat the grass and rocks, etc. so we take 20 minutes to make our way to the mailboxes and then let you play at the mailboxes/park for a while before we make our way home. It's a nice way to get out of the house and enjoy the pretty weather.
-You learned how to open up cupboards and our house looks like a tornado tore it apart every day. Every cupboard in the kitchen and living room is open and everything is dumped out. It is a full time job to follow you around and clean up your messes. So sometimes they just stay that way for a while...oh well! You also love to dump out all of your books and blocks and other toys and then you'll just sit in the middle of the mess and pull your blocks apart, read yourself a book, kiss your stuffed lion, etc. for a while. I do love that you are starting to get a little more independent during your play time but you definitely still prefer to have me on the floor playing with you or reading to you or just around to climb all over. You make sure that I don't leave you alone for too long!
-You are finally starting to get over your stranger anxiety and have started smiling at EVERYONE again! You had a couple of months where people really had to coax a smile out of you and you did not want anyone other than mom holding you. Now you go to other people a LITTLE bit more and you have started grinning at everyone. We love to see your smile more!
-You have also started laughing out loud super randomly. It's like you just thought of the funniest joke and couldn't help laughing but we don't know what it was. I love to hear you laugh so I don't mind not knowing the joke!

As you can tell I remember a lot more about your tenth month than your ninth month! I guess that's why I need to actually write these posts as they are happening!

I do love you sweet girl and I will never get tired of watching you, teaching you, cuddling with you, loving you, etc. You are my sweet, perfect baby and I am beyond grateful that I get to be your mom! Your dad and I love you so much!

Mom & Dad

Nine Months.
{At Gram and Granddad Ashby's house}

10 Months. 
{Showing off her four teeth and the fact that she loves to be 
upside down--she also loves to be thrown in the air, flipped over, etc.}


  1. Her four little teeth are adorable! Sounds like the ten month mark was a major success...first steps are such a big deal

  2. Oh my gosh... her thighs are amazing in that first picture! And that toothy smile is the cutest thing ever!

  3. HER TEETH! I am in love. And I love these posts. They are what inspired me to do something sorta similar! :)

  4. She is just adorable! Love her thighs! Before you know it she is going to be ONE and you will be shocked that your pregnant with your second (no? Just me?)

  5. Same here! She's so darn cute!

  6. Oh my goodness! How CUTE are those teeth! :) Love reading these! So fun to see your passion for being a mother Emma!

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