Thursday, October 24, 2013

11 & 12 Months.

So obviously I'm super far behind on posting Holland's monthly updates. But, I still want these things written down somewhere so here goes nothing!!

In Holland's eleventh month she:
-Officially started walking {Junde 26th, 2013}
-Said the words mama, no, and do {for dog}
-Loved to play with my hair.
-Loved carrying things around with her everywhere she went.
-Would put her hands on her forehead all the time with a very dramatic air.
-Started puckering up to give her daddy kisses! {SO ADORABLE!}
-Loved shoes {chewing on them, carrying them around, attempting to put them on}
-Started sleeping a thousand times better than ever before!
-Went on a family trip to Lagoon and was a good trooper being shuffled between Mom and Dad while they went on rides.
-Loved to play with toy cars and attempted to make car sounds while pushing them around.

In Holland's twelfth month she:
-Started putting everything on her head {shoes, headbands, food, etc.}
-Was super wiggly at night
-Went to UT for a family reunion and AZ for Mom's friends' wedding.
-Said mama and now the "g" sound for dog instead of do
-Started giving high fives
-Became a pro at using sippy cups
-Loved to share bites of her food with mom/dad.
-Loved running around stores and trying to get into everything!
-Got really good at stuffing her mouth to overflowing. She was {is} definitely not a slow eater!
-Learned how to spin.

I wish that I had written these posts more in the moment because even though I wrote down these little notes it is hard to remember all the super fun small details about Holland at each age! Hopefully this will help motivate me to stay a little bit more on top of things! But, I'm still glad that I kept notes and have them all here on the blog for me to refer back to. It's so fun to see Holland change and learn new things. I can't believe how much she has changed in the past two months! I'll have to do another post about what she's like now because she is an absolute joy to be around and has learned so much!


  1. This is fun to read because Ava is right around here right now :) It's amazing how different everyone is, I love it!

  2. Those yellow overalls. I DIE. She is just too cute! Love to see you blogging again! :)

  3. Its so easy to forget all these details isn't it, I wish I wrote it down with my son

  4. I love that you are doing this! I hope I will be able to keep up with it when we have our little girl. It's so fun to read about Holland's little triumphs and funny things! :)

  5. She's seriously the cutest! I can't believe she is coming up on 15 months! Our babies are growing up too fast );

    Dearest Lou

  6. Loving these little updates - SOOOOOO important to remember these beautiful small milestones for Holland!