Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween 2013

Our Halloween was just perfect! The morning started out  in cute Halloween jammies and hanging out with cousin Madison. These girls just have too much fun together! Especially when they aren't fighting!

That evening we got the girls dressed up to go trick-or-treating. Holland and Madison were little Pocahontas girls. I made their tutus, Tyne found their cute necklaces at American Eagle and then we grabbed a couple of things from their closets and Hobby Lobby to complete the look. We thought they looked pretty adorable in their costumes! They had TONS of fun trick-or-treating. Knocking on the doors and grabbing handfuls of candy! Holland always wanted to go back for more! We made it to quite a few houses and luckily it wasn't too cold for the girls. It definitely wore Holland out because she slept great that night! 

We didn't get any family pictures so this will have to count. 
{Also, can you spot my 16.5 week baby bump?!} 

Our three trick-or-treaters: Ava, Madison, and Holland {who didn't look in any of the group photos!}

When we got back to the house we let the girls dig into their candy for a few minutes while we watched an episode of The Walking Dead. It is kind of Halloween tradition for Race and I. The second year we were married we watched a bunch of the first season while passing out candy. I got so scared every time someone knocked on our door--I was pretty happy when we ran out of candy. The show still scares me so I mostly tune out but it is definitely a fun tradition! 

It was a successful Halloween! I loved dressing Holland up and hey, I can't complain about free candy! Maybe next year we'll actually do some type of family costume...we'll see! I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!


  1. SOOO cute. I love the Halloween Jammies and her costume!? You are too cute! PS I think I said we would do a "family costume this year" haha I just never bring myself to do it!:) xo

  2. AH adorable! I hope you're feeling well because you certainly look well!

  3. Holland is so stinkin' cute! I always look forward to reading about your adventures with her! I can't wait to have a sweet little one to dress up! Just think, next year, you'll have two!

  4. That is a genius costume, so easy and super adorable! Plus as you said it - FREE CANDY!

  5. Your bump!! And the girls costumes are so cute!