Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Holland's First Birthday

I should preface this post by saying that Holland's birthday was almost three months ago {August 15th}! I'm finally getting around to writing about it--better late than never! :] 

Holland got to celebrate her first birthday THREE times!! The first time was with Race's family while Holland and I were in Arizona. Holland got to spend it with her Gram and Granddad Ashby and almost all of her Ashby cousins! It was the day before her birthday AND she even got to welcome her brand new baby cousin Nora Ashby who was born that day! She had fun sharing her yummy cupcakes with Granddad!

Her second celebration was in Chandler with my family. During the day my friend Jac came over and spoiled Holland with hoards of adorable clothes and cake pops from Starbucks. Holy heck those things are good! I snuck a couple of bites! Holland loves her Aunt Jac! 

Later that day a bunch of Holland's Olmstead cousins made their way over to the house for a little celebration and birthday singing as well! Holland's oldest cousin Jude even helped her blow out her candle which she thought was pretty funny! She got to eat a yummy ice cream sandwich this time around! It was so nice to be around family for Holland's birthday!

Holland's final birthday celebration was in Idaho with our friends and family up there. I hate that I always forget to take pictures of the guests so I'll write it in here so I don't forget who all was there! Race's sister Tyne and brother-in-law Patrick were there along with Holland's cousin Madison. Then we had our friends Claire and Devin with their baby Ava and our other good friends Callie and Bryce. It was the perfect size crowd for our apartment and they were all just the people we wanted to celebrate Holland's first birthday with. We are so grateful to all of them for being our best friends in Idaho and loving on Holland so much this last year!

We did some quick decorations with pictures of Holland from her first year and then a banner my aunt made and a  yummy cake. Holland wore an adorable dress I thrifted before I was even pregnant and we just hung out, sang to her, opened presents, and ate some yummy {not pictured} Texas sheet cake and ice cream. 

Holland sat on her Aunt Tyne's lap to open all of her presents. It was adorable. 
Tyne is one of her very favorite people and we are so grateful to live near her! 

Holland enjoyed digging into her cake and had her friends join in at the end! They all had a good time and got nice and messy! 

I don't have pictures of her presents but she received tons of awesome things {clothes, IKEA kitchen toys, a little adorable animal train, puzzles, books, etc.}! She is one lucky girl and we love her so much!  Our first year with her was full of sleepless nights and lots of crying {from all of us!} but it is so worth it to watch her grow and learn every day!


  1. awww I am sure this year flew by for the both of you. I love the last middle pic of them all around the cake, too cute! Kala @ ThewishfulLamb.com

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOLLAND! It's amazing how much she's grown even since her birthday. I hope it's ok to say that I think she looks a lot like Race. She's adorable!

  3. AWW better late than never, I was wondering when you were going to update us on it!:) TUrned out really cute. Seriously how cute are the pictures of her and her cake in her diaper! Holland you kill me!