Friday, July 11, 2014

Fourth of July

Our Fourth of July was absolutely wonderful! We spent it with our good friends Claire and Devin and their family. We are so grateful they invited us to spend the weekend with them since we didn't have any plans! We had so much fun going to the small town parade {Holland and Irelyn's first parades!}, eating yummy food, going out on their boat, watching fireworks. and just hanging out with great company!

Holland and Ava at the parade! {Thanks for the picture Claire!!}

Race, Holland, and Ava playing in the grass {Thanks Claire!!}

Playing at the river. It was so fun watching Holland spin and dance in this gorgeous lighting!

I could stare at Irelyn's beautiful eyes all day long. Also, I love the fist sucking stage!
I accidentally stumbled upon the camera settings that create these awesome silhouette photos and I'm in love. I wish I had had Race take some of Holland and I!

Headed out on the boat to watch the fireworks! {Thanks again Claire!!}

I attempted some firework photos but they didn't work out very well since I didn't have a tripod AND I was on a boat. I am excited to try again next year though! 

I am so grateful for this wonderful country we live in and for the freedoms that we enjoy! 


  1. These are beautiful! I'm always so glad to see these cute updates of you and your sweet family. You all look so happy and loving :)

  2. Hey your firework pics look great! I couldn't wait to see them, good job! So fun to have you guys with us :)