Sunday, July 13, 2014

Potty Training Update

So I haven't posted about potty training yet {other than on Instagram--kind of} so this isn't exactly an "update" but that's okay!

This video is pretty much an idea of how awesome potty training has been going!

We are just in shock and awe at how fast Holland has picked up potty training. Sure, it meant quite a few messes to clean up and she still has an accident once every couple of days {sorry she peed on your floor Claire!} but we are just so proud of Holland and her skills at going to the bathroom like a big girl! It is so nice to be back down to just one baby in diapers!
I've had this post ready to go for a few days now but other things have come up first and it keeps getting pushed back. So of course, the day before it's supposed to go up Holland has a terrible potty training day! Haha. She had three accidents which really isn't huge in the whole scheme of things but it was her worst day since the first two days of potty training. Oh life. Anyway, we'll see how tomorrow/the rest of the week goes. And I'll have to do another update and post some of the things that have worked for us in getting her potty trained! Super exciting stuff, eh?! Anyway, happy Sunday everyone!


  1. ��yay for Holland and yay for this post! Jake and I have come to the conclusion Ella is ready soon cause she takes her diaper off sometimes and she had peed for us twice in the toilet, how do we start and just go at and did you use a little seat on the big toilet or a short little potty chair? Thanks look forward to hearing your next post ��

  2. She really has done great! And it was no big deal. I had the carpet cleaner ready to go from those 2 days I tried with Ava haha!

  3. What did you do to teach her? Did you read any books? And is she potty trained at night as well? I need to start tackling this. I can't believe you did this with a newborn! Makes me kind of sad though- graduating out of diapers makes them less of a baby!