Saturday, March 26, 2011

{Kinda} Crafty

Race wants to spend all day EVERY Saturday playing video games. I obviously do not want to play video games or just watch him play video games so I decided that Saturdays are going to be "teach myself how to be crafty days". Today was the first time I tested this out. And...I feel so crafty already! I brought home a sewing machine from my mom's house last weekend and I promised her that I would use it. So today I went to JoAnn's and bought some of the necessities to get sewing. Also, all week I have been searching online for easy, fun sewing ideas. I found this tutorial for a t-shirt headband. I then went through my clothing drawers and found a ton of old t-shirts that I don't wear anymore [good spring cleaning technique, eh?]. I got started and ended up making seven of these cute headbands. I started out not too great, especially on making the flowers but by the end I think they were turning out pretty cute! Here are some pictures:

These are all of the headbands that I made. There are seven total :]
This is the first one that I made. The t-shirt was not made out of quite the right type of fabric but I still like it!
{Also, notice my pretty nails! I just got all into paiting my nails recently. My sister-in-law had this color nailpolish and I really liked it so I went out and got some of my own. It's called Mint Sorbet by Sally Hansen. Now my nails are a more teal color called Rise and Shine by Sinful Colors...I can't decide which I like more and I bought a few other colors to try out. I used to be an all red nailpolish girl and only on my toes but the times are changing. Haha. Anyway, enough of that rambling.}

This is the purple one I made after the maroon ones. The fabric was much much bettter.

And finally the teal colored one. I think this one is my favorite :]

I am still figuring out how to make the flowers without all the hot glue showing. I did a lot better towards the end though. :] If anyone has any other ideas for crafts to do I would love that! I do not have too much sewing skills but I am up to try anything. Also, if anyone in Flagstaff knows how to sew and wants to teach me I wouldn't mind that either!

Well, hopefully you will now at least be getting one update a week on whatever craft I decide to work on. But I will try and update more regularly on other stuff that's going on in the lives of Race and I also. Tomorrow will be our first Sunday teaching the six-year-olds...wish us luck!


  1. Good work Emma. I'm not the best at sewing anything but quilts, but it's fun to learn new things. I love the ideas on this site... though really I never had made anything from it (because I'm lazy and don't know how!)... but she has lots of cute ideas...

  2. Those turned out so cute! And that ^ site is pretty cool....if only I had a sewing machine :)

  3. Thanks guys! And you can borrow mine whenever you want Kylie!

  4. I really like too. i've made a few of the things that she has on there. i love that you're crafty! you'll have to show me how you did your shirts...was it hard?

  5. The shirts weren't really hard but they also don't look quite as cute up close as they do in the pictures. Haha. I'm still perfecting how to do it. But I'm sure if you actually know how to sew then it's super easy. Haha. What have you made from makeit-loveit?