Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blessing Day

Two Sundays ago, September 2nd, 2012 Race and I were able to bless our sweet baby girl. Race did a wonderful job blessing Holland and he didn't change her name! I was a little worried that he might. It was a busy day with TONS of family in town. Holland got to meet all but one of her cousins and lots of Aunts, Uncles, and even some Great Aunts and Uncles. Her blessing dress was made by her Great Aunt Sage and she looked beautiful in it! Here are some pictures of the day!

Helena and I tending to the babe while Race figures out some camera settings. 

Getting distracted by my darling daughter. 

Family picture! 

Four generation picture! {Great Grandma Ashby, Granddad Ashby, Race, Holland}

Now, two Sundays later we are in Idaho living with Race's sister Tyne and brother-in-law Patrick and their cute daughter Madison and dog Tuck. We are on an adventure! I'll update more on that later. And look forward to a giveaway from coming soon!


  1. So so darling! What a beautiful day. And you look amazing!

  2. Had he been thinking about calling her something different? In my ward, the man totally said the wrong name when blessing his child and re-started. I had never seen anything like it :)

    I love these pictures...they are so good!

  3. i'm surprise, there's a blessing, even a blessing dress. Sorry for my ignorance of American's culture! but this feels like in fairy tale! Where the fairies bless the newborn. hah, so cute :)

    by the way, {give me some words back?} ..heh!

  4. How precious! I am sure it was a very special day. I cannot wait for Scott to bless Owen next month!

  5. Blessing days always seem to come so quickly - what a beautiful day! Glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Ah, such a beautiful day! Your family is gorgeous! xxx

  7. Oh my goodness you guys look amazing! I miss you so much but so happy you're having a great adventure out in Idaho! ;)

  8. What a special day and a beautiful blessing!
    We are having our little girl blessed next month :)

  9. Wow you got it done right away! We have to wait until mid-October now :P I'd love to see a close-up of Holland's dress!

  10. So sweet!! I bet this was such a happy day! :)

  11. So beautiful! What a great moment to treasure and to document!
    xo TJ